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The Real Deal - Darin Tansey

Darin Tansey is Executive Director of Sales on the Eklund/Gomes team for Douglas Elliman Real Estate. He is based in Miami. This is why he calls it home and will have no problem selling you yours.

Elevated Lifestyle Magazine (ELM): How long have you been in Miami with Douglas Elliman?

Darin Tansey (DT): I have been with them a total of seven years now, thirteen in South Florida. Each year gets better and better in my career. Eklund/Gomes wanted someone to continue their expansion into South Florida. Given the North Eastern migration here, it is constant growth. I was one of four selected to Eklund/Gomes. The exposure that this particular team has within the massive company and global presence of Douglas is impactful.

ELM: People are good at sales because they believe in what they are doing. What makes you a fit for real estate and this particular area?

DT: I have the ability to grab a large sector of audience. I have never worn blinders.

ELM: So...there is no myopia.

DT: In Iowa where I grew up 0-20, it is a different mindset to now be living in what some call the “country of Miami!”

ELM: You said the market is looking good?

DT: There is an abundance of supply, so the deals are there for the buyer and there are opportunities you can find with a professional to help you find that price and property you want. It is overwhelming if you are just looking online for the “elusive deal.”

ELM: What is a property you are excited to have your hands on right now?

DT: I am really excited about 35 East Dilido, a brand new 7,000 square foot home on the Venetian Islands (6 man-made islands dating back to the early 1900’s - spanning between Miami Beach and Miami). The causeway, aka the bridge that connected them, was the longest wooden bridge in the world at one point. The architecture of this home is ultra-modern with a warm touch. It is placed on Biscayne Bay overlooking the city skyline of Miami Beach, but there is also an interior garden, which you don’t see often in South Florida. It is highly coveted because of the location which makes it easy to take a car to the Wynwood/Design District or the new hip and trendy Sunset Harbor neighborhood.

ELM: What is a factor that is important to you in your own living space?

DT: Quality of life. Location in the US and within a city. I love my South of 5th neighborhood. I can walk to the beach, marina, fifty-plus restaurants, entertainment.

ELM: You are cranking and living the life! What do you do to unwind?

DT: I am up early with my rescue lab/chow mix watching the sunrise on the beach. Sunset Harbor is a healthy neighborhood. I am an avid golfer. I go to the gym. I love to drink and collect wine.

ELM: Where do you go when you hit the road?

DT: The Dominican Republic. I leave the glitz and glam of Miami Beach to go to a third- world country and give back to the world.

The charitable organization, the Dominican Joe Foundation, was founded by my close friend Joe. We give hundreds of children a chance with education, supplies, health and wellness, dentistry and tools to go out into the world.

ELM: If you were not a real estate agent?

DT: Architecture or finance...the intricacies of what keeps our world running.

ELM: What is your long game?

DT: I am a salesperson at heart. I have been selling something ever since I was sixteen. I always want to get better. I just had a twelve-million dollar sale. You celebrate the win and you go on to the next. January 1 is coming up and in my mind everyone is back to zero. I am a competitive guy.

ELM: What is a passion within your career?

DT: Mentoring younger agents is a passion of mine. The basics can get lost. A lot of money at stake tends to bring the wrong qualities out of people. But for the professionals who look at this career as consulting, guiding and leading, it is an opportunity to assist people with their investment in a major asset in their lives. The roof over the head that is not just about the fast buck, but long standing relationships with clientele.

ELM: You are clearly a standout in everything you do. What is unique about this round with Douglas Elliman?

DT: There is a culture within and a family. There is a certain feeling within Douglas Elliman. They don’t just take anyone. It is a good feeling to be in a group of select professionals dedicated to being the best of the best.

ELM: Something manmade you admire?

DT: The Freedom Tower has a level of significant architecture and meaning behind it. It changes us and moves us. The pieces that shape and change the fabric that we live in.

ELM: Something in nature?

DT: I am captivated by seeing the sunrise over the ocean and hearing the waves crash on the beach. As simple as it sounds.

Nothing simple about it. A good man with a competitive drive; now handpicked to be part of a team within a company that will foster his passion to excel and his heart’s desire to give back. Darin Tansey is not just closing deals, he is the real deal.

On his playlist: Lost Desert. “I am an electronic music fan. Deep house music is an art and it is great for work-outs.”

On his bedside: Brian L. Weiss, Many Lives, Many Masters. Malcomb Gladwell – “His short versions fit my short attention span and short time”. WSJ. Miami Herald.


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