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Dennis Basso: Fall - Winter 2018

Dennis Basso's 2018 collection celebrates 35 years of the Basso woman. She's comfortable walking the streets of SoHo NY, Chelsea in London, skiing in the mountains, and dancing black tie in any glamorous city around the globe. Culture and diversity are important to her and the wolrd has become her shopping avenue. She is modern, strong, and understands who she is and her fashion look. This particular collection celebrates her with furs, after 6 clothing, and sportswear to complete today's lifestyle. This is a true DB girl. The color palette consists of neutral tones of camel, charcoal, and walnut mixed with vibrant splashes of crimson, electric blue, and fuchsia. Metallic tweed, flannel wool, velvet and crepe are tailored in silhouettes of pleated trousers, blazers, and bias gowns. Athleisure fur cardigans and hoodies in sable, mink, and chinchilla are striped with leather and denim.


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