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Dennis Basso - The Art of Handmade Designs

Dedication to producing the finest in luxury goods has been the Dennis Basso mission since the birth of this unique brand.

Expert Craftsmen and Artisans have skillfully worked for generations in their New York City Studio, perfecting the Art of Handmade Designs. Commitment to workmanship and talent combined with the most advanced techniques allows the freedom to create authentic, limited edition products of unsurpassed standards and quality. The passion of the Dennis Basso Team generates a distinctive mix of design and craft, Focusing on fashion, modernity, and innovation at the highest level. Rendering each piece a work of art, countless hours are devoted to the development of techniques that combine interesting textures and materials, all contributing to the hallmark signature of the brand.

Raw Materials are hand selected in limited quantities from auctions and collectors world-wide, that of which less than 1% are able to meet the stringent standards of quality. In-House sourcing of diverse materials allows us to craft each item from concept to completion with the utmost attention to detail; quality and assurance of service are therefore delivered to their clients for years to come.

The Spring-Summer collection began with the inspiration from Dennis’s own garden. Flowers have always been a sign of joy and rebirth. The designs are free and easy and able to take you from at-home patio dressing to gatherings with friends in the garden, celebrating a special moment. The colors include pale shades of lavender, baby pink, sky blue, mint, and crisp white. The silhouettes are easy ankle length dresses, flowing caftans, shorts, wide leg trousers along with slim evening dresses for important occasions. Fabrications include silk crepe de chine, lace, satin back crepe, double georgette and chiffon. Sheared mink, broadtail and golden sable are in cropped jackets for cool evenings.


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