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Designing A Lifestyle

“There are three responses to a design – Yes, no, and WOW!” – Milton Glaser

Luxury is of course a want, and for many, it’s a necessity. From cars, vacations, watches to even the denim that hugs our thighs, we have become woven in a thread of luxuriousness. With such a plethora of luxury to represent our personal taste and immediately give an impression of who we are, one thing is unparalleled in achieving that personification - our space. The walls that are fused together to form our dream home, which will be the wax seal certifying we have created something unique for ourselves. The question then is how do you find someone who truly understands luxury and designs it perfectly for you and with you in mind. The answer for a design that will always result in a captivating “WOW” is Matthew Zhang and Brayden Smith, forming The Luxe Design Studio.

The Luxe Design Studio is the home of unparalleled luxury formation; they don’t just design something, they turn a concept, a vision, into a reality that will live to be a bespoke landmark of exquisite details and beauty to last for generations. They encapsulate the strength and know-how of the Romans and channel ultra-luxe modernism, making them the new technological advance pillars of luxury architecture. When speaking to Matthew Zhang you can hear the passion not only for designing but towards the goal of achieving another’s architectural desire. The Luxe Design Studio listens to your budget, your dream and then finds the way to make it happen and the results are always breathtaking and palatial. You’re not dealing with a behemoth firm that backlists its customers because there is no longer the intricate care. With The Luxe Design Studio you have three creative minds, the Steve Jobs of architecture so to speak, all under the age of 30 with the ingenuity to think of the newest smart tools, eco-friendly materials, solar run systems, and what can’t be sourced locally they bring it to you internationally, not cutting corners and thus limiting your dream being brought to fruition.

As Zhang explains, “Design is all about balance. The reason being is that homey and warm looks old but it's comfortable, whereas modern design incorporates a lot of “cold” materials like metals, concrete, and glass. I try to find a medium, to create environments that are both pleasing to the eye, but also feel comfortable and homey. It’s the same story for our commercial designs, we’ve worked with lounges and restaurants, and both are places where people have to spend time, and even the slightest details such as the color of the lights changes the whole atmosphere of the space. Too cool and it becomes almost institutional, too warm and it automatically takes you back in time and makes the space feel old. We strive to find that perfect balance to create memorable, through and through spaces that make a positive impact in our clients lives.”

Matthew Zhang and his partners create a golden ratio for luxury living, with a flair of masculinity and yet embracingly soft. With care they will sum up your tastes and preferences and design your masterpiece, your architectural portrait. They will take on any challenge, over-deliver on every level, and most importantly treat every client with humbleness, respect, and honesty. The Luxe Design Studio creates not only a dwelling space, but a lifestyle of cultivated luxury standards.


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