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Designing The Ultimate Superyacht

When it comes to designing a superyacht, creating the visible living space can be one of the most time consuming and detailed parts of the process, but when done right, it is also one of the most rewarding parts - seeing your vision for your high seas home come to life.

metrica, the global leader in residential and superyacht interior outfitting, provides the ultimate customization and craftsmanship in yacht interiors. Founded in Münster, Germany in 1681, metrica is comprised of more than 230 expert carpenters, technicians, engineers, architects, and artisans, each highly skilled in developing iconic interiors and superyacht outfittings. Here, Mark Mantione, metrica’s North American CEO, provides an inside look at the nuances of designing the ultimate superyacht.

Communication is Key

When setting out to design a superyacht, it's important to involve an expert project team and create clear channels of communication and expectations from the get-go. Because of the intricacies of yacht design and installations that are measured down to the millimeter, all project teams need to be kept up-to-date on any changes. Even the smallest change can have ripple effects when working with the highest quality materials. Additionally, make sure your vision is flexible as the design will continue to evolve as you work through the process. That being said, while being open to new ideas is important, never settle for anything less than the highest quality when it comes to your high-seas home.


At the moment, metrica is seeing two distinct styles of interiors: a classic design with traditional handcrafted custom interiors, and a more modern design utilizing a number of special and unique materials and finishes. Some prevalent material trends include carved special glass with customized illuminations; multi-layered glass with integrated metal mesh; laser cut marquetry; leather and fabric with customized patterns; gold, silver or palladium leaf finishes; and special treatment of veneers such as sandblasting, deep freeze, and liquid injection.

When it comes to materials, Mantione notes that color, appearance, pattern, and texture all have to be considered along with the weight, availability, certification, and the price. An interior outfitter like metrica will work to find the perfect materials for your desired end result, and will also ensure that the perfect amount is installed without error.

Down to the Details

metrica’s unparalleled attention to detail produces unmatched quality in the yacht market, looking to its team of expert carpenters, technicians, engineers, architects, and artisans to deliver the celebrated company’s iconic interiors and custom outfittings.

An integral aspect of contemporary yacht interiors is supplying precise measurements - metrica measures down to the millimeter to make sure that the elements standard in a land-based home are fit for a life at sea. Clean, balanced lines are key, and metrica is meticulous about making sure that they meet in the exact right spot - accounting for the sway that comes with a boat while still maintaining a high-end design aesthetic. Furniture has to be engineered precisely as well, ensuring it fits into the space, performs the necessary function, and still embodies the ultra-luxury lifestyle that clients desire. metrica’s engineering background lends itself to creating custom furniture for both superyachts and luxury residential interiors - and amongst the world’s richest individuals, custom, one-of-a-kind pieces are always in demand. metrica’s team is expert in knowing what a superyacht owner needs to consider when approaching the design of their high-seas home.

Adding Amenities

Amenities aren’t just for luxury homes and hotels - trending amenities are also popular in the superyacht sector. With an increased focus on wellness, cryo-spas are becoming more and more popular across all sectors. Incorporating a cryo-spa into a yacht design requires strong attention to detail as the engineering for cryo-spas is very exact and the temperature has to be carefully managed. Temperature also comes into play with the climate-controlled wine rooms seen on many superyachts as well.

Most importantly, Mantione notes that the industry is full of highly sophisticated yacht owners who are willing to push the boundaries of technology and design. Make sure your team shares the same forward-thinking vision you do, and the end result will be truly spectacular!


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