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E-Motion - Hybrid Propulsion - From Novelty to Necessity

The world is quickly adapting to electric transportation, and e-Motion Hybrid Systems are at the forefront of Full-Range Zero-Emissions Propulsion. The company offers a parallel and serial hybrid solution suitable for all types of vessels from 40-250 feet.

Yacht owners can enjoy up to 95% of the time onboard in Full-Electric Zero-Emissions Mode and enjoy silent navigation.

The dedicated generators fast charge the e-Motion lithium battery packs in 30 minutes or less. The batteries also can fast charge in Alternator Mode from the main electric propulsion engines. An overnight slow charge in port is an additional option; the hybrid yacht can connect to any existing worldwide shore power in ports without frequency converters.

The parallel hybrid is excellent for all types of vessels and, when desired, offers conventional full-diesel propulsion at the push of a button. Ten modes of operation, including Full-Electric Zero-Emissions Mode, Booster Mode, and Zero-Emissions Hotel-Load at anchor, are among the highlights of the parallel system.

On the other hand, displacement and semi-displacement yachts are ideal for the Serial Hybrid. Traditional diesel engines are eliminated and replaced with e-Motion’s variable speed generators creating a smaller engine room and a lighter yacht.

Last February, during the 2022 Miami International Boat Show, e-Motion scooped up the prestigious “Innovation Award” from the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and Boating Writers International (BWI). The prize recognizes marine manufacturers and suppliers who bring new, innovative products for the boating industry to market. Judge Reich stated “While there have been serial and parallel hybrid systems in boats for years, I have not seen any manufacturer implement a large system with such graceful integration and ease-of-use for the end user,”

Shipyards such as Aquila, Whitehaven and Xquisite Yachts are now installing the e-Motion Hybrid.

Michele Maggi, the Italian founder, and innovator of e-Motion Hybrid Systems, shares his thoughts with us.

Elevated: Michele, why should yacht buyers consider a hybrid system?

Michele Maggi: Owners should install a hybrid system for new builds or refits as the advantages are so numerous, I’m not sure where to start. Given recent world events and fuel prices, minimizing fuel consumption and moving towards cleaner energy solutions for the environment is an evident reality. Regarding the onboard experience, the comfort of full-electric navigation is an incredible sensation. Likewise, staying at anchor in Hotel-Load Zero

Emissions Mode with the generators switched off for up to 24 hours is a luxury few have yet to experience.

Most boat owners spend two-thirds of their time at displacement speeds, between 5-10 knots, either maneuvering, approaching ports, or traveling through waterways, bays, or near the coast. Why pollute the environment when you can navigate Zero-Emissions Mode and simultaneously have a significantly more comfortable cruise? Another benefit is drastically reducing the operating hours on your engines and generators. Gensets require servicing three to four times a season. However, when operating a hybrid system, the motors and generators are off most of the time; so the running hours are considerably lower; therefore, you’ll need servicing only once a year.

What kind of feedback are you receiving from your clients?

It’s interesting because my clients tell me they would never return to a traditional propulsion system. The comfort onboard and the redundancy of the system exceed their expectations. Hybrid owners are changing the way they spend their time on their yacht. While navigating in Full-Electric Mode, it a pleasure to sleep during navigation while moving silently to a new destination. The same goes for dining on the flybridge during crossings with a gentle breeze during meals. Lately, we have been inundated with orders from catamaran shipyards and clients requesting the parallel hybrid. These boaters are typically eco-conscious, love being out at sea and appreciate not having to return to port frequently to refuel.

Maggi continues, “With our parallel system, sportfisherman can still zip out to their favorite fishing spot with traditional Full-Diesel Propulsion Mode and switch to trolling in Zero-Emissions Full-Electric Mode. In addition, even ferry boats, tug boats, and work vessels realize the benefits of hybrid propulsion; most work boats only move in displacement and are enthusiastic about reducing fuel expenses and service hours on their engines and generators. In fact, all vessels benefit from electric propulsion- the future of electric propulsion is happening right now as we speak .”

Visit e-Motion Hybrid at the following boat shows:

Cannes, September 2022

Fort Lauderdale Boat Show-late October 2022,

WorkBoat Show in New Orleans in December 2022,

Miami Int. Boat Show in February 2023

Palm Beach Boat Show in March 2023.

For further information, visit:


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