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Eleventy Man: A Hymn to Lightness and Softness

The Eleventy Men's SS18 collection is a hymn to incredible lightness expressed in new, soft, elasticated fabrics that caress the natural shape of the body. For instance: the bi-stretch wools and almost impalpable jerseys of some of the suits, jackets and pants; the t-shirts in featherweight Egyptian cotton, the cotton/cashmere sweaters and the stretch sweatshirts.

In the world of the jackets, linen and cotton come together to generate stretch single and double-breasted jackets garbed in the exclusive new Eleventy shades of aubergine, ink-blue, military green, camel and grey. Camouflage prints star in several coats and jackets made in nylon and suede, in cotton pants and Bermuda shorts, and also as details in springtime lace-up shoes.

Another significant novelty is the hand-sprayed wool acting as background to comfy jogging models, in addition to brushed cotton and stone-washed denim. Precious skins such as resin-coated suede or plongé nappa leather are used for blousons, waistcoats and blazers.

The swimwear collection showcases a variety of textures inspired by the traditional Mediterranean geometries of the architecture at the turn of the 19th century. Austere geometrical patterns, with the black and white contrasts typical of floors in stone and porcelain stoneware tiles, have extraordinary communicative potential linked to graphics drawn from the collective iconographic memory and trending right now.The collection is rounded off by the range of accessories, with a bag made entirely by hand on a wooden form, vintage-look backpacks in deerskin or camouflage-printed fabric, weekend bags, briefcases and small leather goods in deerskin.



Among the novelties of the precious Platinum range are the two-fabric jackets made with sleeves in jersey, and the tailored suits interpreted in exclusive blends of wool with linen, silk and cashmere. Plus shoes produced by master craftsmen in cordovan, deerskin and suede featuring an exclusive Goodyear Flex finish.

Among the novelties of the SS18 collection, Eleventy proposes two Capsule Collections: 7 baggy 5-pocket models in prized Japanese denim reinterpreting models from the Eleventy archives, hallmarked by wear, treatments and hand-crafted distressing, complete with label bearing the wording “unique garments produced by the gifted hands of Italian craftsmen and artists”.


A capsule collection of pajamas and boxer shorts, plain or striped, in shades of white and sky blue to render them even more unique.



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