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Eyewear Trends You'll Be Seeing Everywhere in 2024

A new year is a great time to refresh your wardrobe. From denim jeans and plain white tees to handbags and sneakers, some of your pieces may be worth updating for the seasons ahead. But aside from apparel, you could also consider new accessories to pair with your upgraded looks. Eyewear is a great place to start, as these functional and fashionable pieces can instantly take your outfits to the next level while providing vision correction or sun protection. New trends are also taking shape in 2024, and it's worth taking a look at what will be hot this year to help you find the perfect glasses or shades. Here are some of the eyewear trends you'll be seeing everywhere in 2024:

Statement eyewear

As the name implies, statement eyewear is meant to be bold and in-your-face, which can initially seem daunting. However, a pair of these oversized frames can be a great way to show off your style and personality while giving you a major confidence boost by elevating even the simplest of looks. Statement eyeglasses can add a polished yet fun vibe, and statement sunglasses look ultra-luxurious and chic. Look for oversized frames, particularly in square or angular shapes, for a dramatic and fashion-forward vibe. These work well for most face shapes and can add a touch of glam to any outfit. The eyewear from DITA showcases how eccentric these statement pieces can be, displaying enigmatic luxury and creativity with every frame. 

Geek-chic frames

While oversized glasses are hot in 2024, the other end of the spectacle size spectrum is also gaining traction. With the revival of the mid-2000s geek chic style, characterized by nerdy and frumpy aesthetics, stylish women's glasses are skewing towards skinny, narrow frames. Prescription glasses like the Ray-Ban RB5169 Optics and the AX3107U from Armani Exchange give off an air of intellect and sophistication. Paired with muted colors and loose and modest apparel, it can make the look even more sleek. Even the stars have joined in on the geek-chic trend. Model Bella Hadid has often been seen wearing these small and simple specs while out and about. Rapper and singer Doja Cat also wore a pair to the Grammy Awards in early 2024, an uncommon place to sport prescription glasses. 

Colorful accents

Black is a classic color for glasses and sunglasses, but this year, eyewear is getting a colorful makeover. Maximalism is in for 2024, and with it comes a burst of bright and bold hues for both frames and lenses. From vibrant purples and blues to playful gradients, don't be afraid to express your personality with a pop of color in your frames. Tinted sunglasses are also a big trend, offering a unique way to see the world. But if you're worried about colorful eyewear being too playful, there's room for more elegant and chic shades. Social media star Emma Chamberlain recently partnered with eyewear powerhouse Warby Parker to design her own collection of sunglasses and glasses. Colorways include a bright red Cherry Pepper, a deep green Crystal Fern, and beige Toasted Sesame. These frames still sport gorgeous hues without looking too overpowering. 

When choosing eyewear, it's important to consider both style and functionality. Pick frames that flatter your face shape and suit your personal taste. But with so many great trends to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect pair of glasses to elevate your look in 2024!


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