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An Artful World Of Beauty & Fantasy Realism

"Fantasy, if it's really convincing, can't become dated, for the simple reason that it represents a flight into a dimension that lies beyond the reach of time." – Walt Disney

We all seek the beauty, the thrill, the endless hope that lies within a fantasy… it becomes a treasure when a depth of realism is neatly woven into its core. A fantasy is transcendent and liberating because if we are able to visualize it, its possibility becomes real and nothing is as sacred as getting a glimpse into the creativity of another mind….. IF well done. Recently I found a mind, a keen eye who’s art is as provoking and captivating as a low bass, heart-throbbing song that gets your soul pumping, craving to see and feel more. Instagram art-platform Worldofjoonas is a dynamic form of art of blending real photos and adding a flair of fantasy; the vibrant colors, rays of shimmer, making on feel soft and yet empowered through the strength of each alternation of our everyday view and making it a dream world that will never be dated…. Through darken contracts, manipulating hues and shadows he takes you to a dimension out of reach yet idyllically still possible for our visual pleasure.

Joonas artworks are well sought after due his business ethics, he doesn’t sell nor mass print his works… he carefully selects his customers who are usually high-end artist looking to paint his masterpieces, because few minds can see the world as beautifully as he can. His artwork will be found in the homes of the rich and powerful who know how to treasure a real-life fantasy that easily took almost a year to produce.

Joonas motto is : “ Aim high, work harder and smarter, and inspire people”

That he has, because his artwork is full of personally felt emotions, its inspires joy, sadness, peace, tranquility and yet it dares a wild soul to be live freely beyond the scopes of normality.

Normally when examining art I find the pieces are a form of self-expression, a self-statement of the artist which one could relate to and appreciate but rarely does one find an artist that transforms art into a personal statement and personification of the one who bought the piece. His artwork is a landscape reflection of our hidden emotions, each piece speaks a different story, embraces another aspect of our character.

The poetic results of his pieces arises from the fact that he doesn’t gather inspiration from what he sees, when he travels he doesn’t see a sunset, or a haunting forest with rays of light shining through, he rather reproduces what he felt in those moments, he captures the sensation of being alive and seeing the world through his heart.

If only is lucky enough to own one his pieces the price range starts from $13,000USD.

Joonas does do for elite buyers; client inspired art, a piece that is unique and one of a kind.

World Of Joonas is a world of beauty and fantasy realism.


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