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Foundry Michelangelo - The Art Effect

Written By Jason Dilling

What looks like leather, but isn’t warm or soft? What has a horn, but isn’t loud? What looks like paint, but won’t smudge and will likely outlast all of us? The answers to these questions are in the art around you every day. The bronze and silver sculpture you may see, but don’t specifically notice. That western piece behind the desk of that guy you like, in that TV show you watch. You love it and it makes all the difference, but you can’t put your finger on why. THAT is what I like to call, “The Art Effect”.

We at Foundry Michelangelo manufacture, distribute, and sell the bronze and precious metal artwork you unapologetically love and want to own. From our little 6 inch pure silver eagle sculpture for your desk; to our 10 foot tall, rearing stallion cast in 1,200lbs of stainless steel. It looks just like the emblem on the hood of your favorite 458 horsepower stead in the stable, but ELEVATED. That’s right, your Ferrari collection is only missing a giant, rotating monument to your obsession with Italian luxury. Oh, and if Ferrari isn’t your flavor, but you’re more of a Lamborghini person, we also have a life-size bronze bull that brags with a whole different attitude, but in the same Italian accent.

Whether you’re into automotive inspirations, patriotic eagles and flags, wildlife, fantasy, or renaissance masterpieces from Michelangelo, we’re your connection. Custom 3D scanning, digital mold creation and one-off original castings that’ll open your mind to literally any option you can think of, we create in sculpture. We can help you realize how art fits in your world, how attainable the lifestyle is that comes with it, and where your new pieces make the biggest statement about the new you.

Adding sculpture to your life, your home and your office will enhance your space, change your focus, and ensure that the Jones’ are running their race in the slow lane. We can help you start, upgrade, or enhance your art collection today at Foundry Michelangelo, where we’re “Casting a World of Masterpieces” for you.


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