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Funny Rolling Tray Ideas

Rolling trays are rectangular plates that help you roll your joints. If you prefer joints over vapes and pipes, you would like these products because they make the process easier and more exciting.

Rolling trays are uncomplicated tools that are valuable for seasoned joint smokers as well as beginners. They have excellent features and are available in different designs. Hence, they are famous for their usefulness.

Furthermore, many companies offer metal rolling trays in their product lines. So, if you like to laugh and smoke joints, you're in for a real treat.

This article covers funny rolling tray ideas to help you make the smoking experience even better.

Do All Stoners Have the Same Sense of Humor?

The misconception that all stoners share the same sense of humor originated with Stoner's fictional character, who was known for smoking and making jokes. But actual pot smokers are a little different.

Although each person has their own distinct personality, the intoxicating effects of marijuana on the brain often result in spontaneous outbursts of laughter. As a result, stoners' humor seems to be more random and less directed.

While it's true that some stoners have a great sense of humor, this is not universally the case. Another factor at play is that the effects of joint smoking on the brain are individual, leading to a wide range of responses and mental states among users.

What Is the Stereotypical Stoner’s Sense of Humor?

Stoner is a fictional comedy character that is well-known for being a heavy smoker, a jokester, and a punching bag. Because of the drug's effect, this persona is more likely to make light of serious matters. Additionally, it is reminiscent of the 19th-century figure known as the "Funny drunk."

Today's common misconception about stoners is that they are violent and abusive. The famously accurate stereotype of the stoner's sense of humor, however, is widely known and widely accepted. Their demeanor is calm, and they rarely show signs of stress.

The "funny stereotype" about stoners has been verified by the success of several great comedians and performers who have relied on their wit to advance their careers.

Ten Funniest Rolling Trays

1. Alien Stoner Tray

For some lighthearted personalization, try sticking a cartoon alien stoner to the front of your plain tray. You can use DIY methods or go to professionals to paste the stickers on your rolling tray.

You already know how stoners can be funny, but adding an alien will just make things that much better. Alien characters are also enjoyable fantasies that we can mold according to our will and imagination.

Get rid of the dull rolling tray and have some jolly good joint fun. Making a humorous rolling tray is the greatest idea if you appreciate alien movies or this notion. The concept is to stick an image of the alien smoking a joint with some humorous captions onto a rolling tray.

It is easy to find these stickers online, simplifying the process of making funny rolling trays.

2. Rick and Morty Rolling Tray

For the fun of rolling a joint, a Rick and Morty design is a necessary. Imagine Rick and Morty sitting on a couch, one of them puffing away on a joint while the other rolls another one. You have to admit that that sounds like a lot of fun.

So make your trays more fun if you are a die-hard fan of these cartoon characters.

In addition, a wide variety of materials, including wood, metal, and others, are offered for use as rolling trays on the web. Several online retailers already sell these entertaining trays.

3. Digital LED Light Trays

A built-in digital tray is one of the fun ideas to make joint smoking a little more fun than usual. The tray should have built-in LED lights covering the corners of the tray. Moreover, these trays should be rechargeable to illuminate the LED lights whenever you want to smoke.

LED lights enhance the allure of a joint smoke session, allowing the smoker to relax their mind and body at the same time.

4. Baby Yoda Tray

Rolling trays made of metal are versatile and may be painted to match any decor. Both DIY and professional methods are viable options. But how could anyone forget about baby Yoda while amusing and engaging topics are being discussed?

An interesting twist on the concept is placing Baby Yoda's painting on a metal rolling tray. It will make you laugh every time you light up a joint.

5. Skeleton Tray

Nothing matters more than being able to take pleasure in every aspect of your life. Thus, a skeleton tray could be a great way to have some laughs while joint-rolling. The concept is to paint a skeleton that stands upright on a rotating metallic tray.

The background should remain black, and the skeleton can be any color you like. The joint-rolling tray is also a great place to display a humorous skeleton phrase.

It's hilarious to think that every time you light up, you'll be laughing at the thought of your own existence. Get rid of your dull metal rolling trays and replace them with the skeleton joint rolling tray.

6. Rapper Rolling Trays

Upon reading the term "Rappers," one could imagine a humorous rolling tray. The existence of these symbols demands that we display them proudly on our metal serving trays.

For those who enjoy smoking joints, Snoop Dogg will always be a memorable figure. The aim is to decorate your metal rolling tray with stickers of your favorite rappers. It's likely that the thought of respecting these icons appeals to you as a senior joint smoker.

7. Astronaut Rolling Tray

Do you enjoy smoking joints and describe the resulting sensation as one of lightness and contentment? Then you must have an astronaut DIY metallic rolling tray.

Visuals give you more fun. So the idea is to have a fun-loving astronaut on your metallic rolling tray. There are numerous humorous images of astronauts available online, and you can choose whichever one you like most. If you're not an artist and want to have a custom design painted on your metallic rolling tray, have it done by a specialist.

8. Shaggy & Scooby Rolling Tray

You might make joint rolling more interesting and enjoyable by including scooby on your tray. The cartoon duo Shaggy and Scooby-Doo are a delightful pair, and you may have them both on your tray if you like.

The aim is to find a humorous picture of Shaggy and Scooby on the internet, Moreover, you can also find photos of your favorite scene from the series and put them in your tray. The concept will have you cracking up as you're rolling a joint.

9. Anime Rolling Tray

Can we really talk about funny rolling trays without mentioning anime? Think about having your favorite fun anime character from your favorite series in your favorite rolling tray.

Looking at the scene every time you roll your joint would be beautiful and funny. Moreover, the customization would give you an identity as a joint smoker. Metallic rolling trays look boring without any art. So, why not make them fun and interesting by having your favorite anime art displayed?

10. Smoker Cat Rolling Trays

Smoking is more fun with the smoker cat design on your rolling tray, especially if you're a cat person. In this idea, you get a cat in your favorite color smoking a joint of your choice. Further, you can print the pictures from the internet and paste them on the metallic rolling trays.

Advantages of Rolling Trays

  • Clean and flat surface

  • Durable

  • Portable workstation

  • Saves money

  • Organize smoking accessories

  • Prevents making a mess

  • Makes joint-rolling easier


Using a dinner plate to roll a joint is a bad habit for any joint smoker to maintain. Thus, it is recommended that you switch to the specialized rolling trays. Having metallic rolling trays makes it easier to join the roll properly.

But a plain metal tray would be dull, and you'd want to upgrade before long. So, to make joint rolling more interesting and amusing, we advise you to use funny rolling trays.

We suggested some fun ideas for your metallic rolling trays in this article. Any one of them would look great painted on your rolling tray. You may imagine any number of cartoon characters living out your wildest stoner fantasies by portraying them as potheads.

Furthermore, the piece highlighted the humorous and lighthearted demeanor typical among stoners. Stoners may not all share a good sense of humor, but the brain-altering effects of cannabis often result in uncontrollable bouts of laughter.

In addition, you may learn more about the benefits of using metal rolling trays to roll your joints like a pro. Light it up!


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