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Gemini Lounge - Danny A. Abeckaser

Legendary Producer Arthur Sarkissian (Rush Hour) recently announced the launch of Global Ascension Studios and its collaboration with director/producer/actor Danny A. Abeckaser’s 2B Films (I Love Us,Mob Town) and producer Kyle Stefanski’s Wild7 Films on their much-hyped first production as partners, Gemini Lounge, starring acclaimed actor Emile Hirsch.

After successfully releasing over 20 blockbuster films including the smash hit Rush Hour franchise over the past 30 years, Arthur Sarkissian is partnering up with CEO D.A. Chan and President Joshua Macciello to launch the up-and-coming new media and entertainment company, Global Ascension Studios LLC. Global Ascension Studios is releasing both live-action and animated releases for all media outlets.

Sarkissian’s recent releases include the worldwide hit, The Foreigner with Jackie Chan as well as The Protégé starring Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton and Maggie Q. Sarkissian’s most recent project Memory is being released by OpenRoad starring Liam Neeson, Guy Pearce and Monica Belucci. All three aforementioned films were directed by award winning director, Martin Campbell.

Sarkissian’s deep connections with talent on all levels of production including Actors, Directors, Writers, Studios and Streaming entities will help Global Ascension Studios quickly become a Hollywood powerhouse. “We are very excited. Each project Global produces will stand on its own strength to be both a commercial and a critical success!” Sarkissian was happy to share.

Global Ascension Studios is teaming up with Wild7 Films, 2B Films and director Danny A. Abeckaser to produce the first film under the Global Ascension banner titled Gemini Lounge, directed by Abeckaser. The film began shooting mid March, in both New York and Los Angeles, slated to wrap mid April.

In regards to the collaboration with 2B Films, Sarkissian shares, “We are absolutely excited by our upcoming project Gemini Lounge! Danny is a very talented director and I look forward to collaborating with him and his company, 2B Films.”

“Global Ascension Studios is the place where talented filmmakers can come and tackle their most ambitious stories. I look forward to collaborating with each of our teams to break the mold of what a studio can and should be!” said Global Ascension Studios CEO, D.A. Chan.

“Having Arthur on our team is an absolute honor. He is hands down one of the most talented producers in the world and we are lucky to work with him. Getting to work with the talented Danny A. Abeckaser and 2B Films on our first release is pure excitement for everyone here at Global,” said Global Ascension Studios President Joshua Macciello.

“I am very excited to be working with legendary producer Arthur Sarkissian and Global Ascension Studios” adds Director Danny A. Abeckaser. “The whole team at Global truly understands our vision and passion for Gemini Lounge. Global Ascension Studios President, Joshua Macciello along with producer Kyle Stefanski (Wild7 Films) worked tirelessly to get Gemini Lounge set up to be Global Ascension Studio’s first movie into production.” Danny A. Abeckaser may sound familiar, as he is also a very established actor, currently streaming in the film LANSKY directed by Eytan Rockaway, Scorsese’s The Irishman, and is latest feature film I Love Us, a romantic crime drama, which he both starred in, produced and directed, which hit theatres and digital in Fall 2021 and is still streaming on platforms such as Amazon Prime. He also directed and starred in Mob Town and First We Take Brooklyn, having also appeared in notable films such as The Iceman.

Emile Hirsch is set to star as lead Bobby Belucci in the upcoming Crime Thriller ‘Gemini Lounge’. The Screen Actors Guild nominee Emile Hirsch has been cast in Gemini Lounge, the critically-acclaimed actor has been acting for several decades, with incredible films under his belt under the direction of Quentin Tarantino amongst many other top directors. He is well known for Into the Wild (2007) by director Sean Penn, for which he was nominated for a SAG Award for best actor. Hirsch has worked with many of the top directors in the movie business, starring in The Girl Next Door (2004), Lords of Dogtown(2005), Alpha Dog (2006), Speed Racer (2008), Milk (2008), Lone Survivor (2013), An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn (2018), and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019), to name a few. His latest film The Immaculate Room co-starring Kate Bosworth, announced its sale in February 2022, after Hirsch won Best Actor at Mammoth Film Festival where the film debuted, also snagging the Best Picture award.

“My goal with Global Ascension is to create quality films that attract the top talent in the industry and I’m thrilled that Emile has signed on to play in the lead role in Gemini Lounge, for which he is perfectly cast,” says Sarkissian, who heads up global production for the studio.

“I have deep ties with Emile, both as a friend and as an artist,” adds Abeckaser. “When I explained to him about Gemini Lounge, our collaboration with Global Ascension, and the studio’s mission to make quality films by talented storytellers, it didn’t take much convincing to have him join the project. Emile is one of the most gifted actors in Hollywood, and I cannot wait to see what he does with the role of Bobby Belucci.”

In the film, demoted detective Bobby Belucci is given the opportunity to go undercover and take down the mob’s most ruthless killer, but his life and only chance at redemption spiral out of control as he loses himself in the role.

Gemini Lounge tells the story of well known gangster, Roy Albert DeMeo, who was an Italian-American mobster in the Gambino crime family of New York City, who gained attention starting in the 1960’s. He headed the “DeMeo crew,” a group which became notorious for the large number of murders they committed in the 1970’s and early 80’s, over 200 documented murders, and for the grisly way they disposed of the bodies, which became known as “the Gemini Method.”


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