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Giuliano Mazzuoli - The Manometro Collection Renews Its Timeless Charm

Giuliano Mazzuoli’s creativity is constantly stimulated by ideas that combine passion for design and the artisanal workmanship that characterize all the products of the line.

With almost two decades of history in the watchmaking world, Giuliano Mazzuoli introduces a new version of his iconic Manometro watch. Bronze is the new dial color chosen for Manometro leaving unaltered the concept of the form and the essential and clean design just like in the versions with ivory, black, blue, green, white, and red color dials. The metallic hue of the bronze dial fuses beautifully with the brushed natural bronze case making a stylish and eye-catching watch. The color of natural bronze tends to change in time and with wear while maintaining its unique character.

The principal characteristics of Manometro remain intact: a large-dimension cylindrical case in brushed natural bronze with the crown at 2 o’clock and a Florentine leather strap that is produced manually in Tuscany and inserted directly into the case.

The watch is also available in the thinner Manometro Compressed version in natural bronze.

For years Giuliano Mazzuoli had a dream of creating a watch with an innovative design, different than any other watch available on the market. The inspiration for his watch came one day when he looked at a pressure gauge. It was in this object that he found his Manometro (“Manometro” means “pressure gauge” in Italian) watch.

The watch is designed in Italy by Giuliano Mazzuoli and produced in Switzerland with a high precision Swiss movement. It is constructed using only the finest materials by master watchmakers. Combining the best Swiss technology with Italian design, the watch is unique in its simplicity and essential style.

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