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The ‘Uber’ of Glam: A Revolutionary Beauty App

The beauty world is constantly changing with ever-evolving trends; from glossy lips to the new matte look, from beachy waves to pin straight tresses, from heavy eyeliner to the cat eye. But one element has remained stagnant for so many years, that arguably needs a makeover the most: The appointment-only, planned-months-in-advance, trip to the salon.

Salons book up weeks, sometimes months in advance, and for the modern girl-on-the-go, the emergency situation, or the down-right procrastinator, salon appointments don’t always blend with the fast paced modern lifestyle. For actress and red carpet regular, Cara Santana, it was the emergency situation that drove her to the Glam App idea. She arrived on set in the middle of nowhere and recalls, “I had long ombré extensions, fake acrylic nails, eyelash extensions, and they told me I had to get it all removed before we started filming the next day.” Cara thought to herself, “I wish there was a way to bring accredited beauty professionals to your home, office or hotel room, to eliminate the stress of the entire process... and thus the idea was born!” Similar to Uber’s revolutionary concept that provides fast transportation with the push of a button, The Glam App delivers a solution to a problem that the world desperately needed. You don’t have to wait weeks for your salon appointment, it’s now offered on-demand with the push of a button.

Cara teamed up with Joey Malouf, celebrity beauty stylist, who also saw the void in the marketplace for a personalized mobile beauty service that benefitted both the consumer and the stylist. Joey brings a distinct level of trust with him, and as the co-creator of The Glam App, his stamp of approval translates into customer confidence. Another fantastic element of the Glam App is that allows stylists to easily freelance their work; creating their own schedules and building clientele. The Glam App ensures only the best stylists come to your door, “now that the app’s brand has grown, more of the stylists are soliciting us, whereas before we were trying to procure their engagement. When a stylist signs up on the glam app, we do a background check, we make sure their license is bonded and insured, review their portfolio, a quick phone interview.” After the stylist is accepted, “we have a ratings and review service, so every time a stylist has an appointment they are reviewed on the quality of service and if for some reason they have slipped in ratings or reviews, we propose an educational program or move them down a level of service, or ask them to come back after they’ve had additional training. We really wanted to create a system that allowed any stylist no matter what their experience or type of training, to still have an opportunity with us. So that they can build their brand, expand their clientele and create a business for themselves. So whether you're a year out of beauty school or a 20-year industry alum, there’s a place for you here.”


Cara, the passionate entrepreneur, now offers beauty services via in-room menu at the W Hotel in Las Vegas. “We’ve always believed in engaging hotels in a way that’s innovative, creative and unlike what we’ve seen before, which would take a progressive, forward thinking partner. When the W Hotel started to rebrand in Las Vegas, which is a big market for us, tourism-wise,” Cara continues, “we talked about how we could create something fresh and new, that the hotel industry hadn’t seen before. And we came up with the idea of having them as an exclusive partner to The Glam App. We offer all of our styling services [hair, makeup, and nails] to their clientele. They’re a great strategic partner and we’re really excited to come on board.”

The Glam App’s simple interface is elegant and easy-to-use. With a push of a button, certified beauty experts are at your front door within an hour. Three services are currently offered: hair, makeup and nails. You can choose from different hairstyles: bombshell, pin straight, beachy waves, side swept, braid, ballerina bun, or half up. (hairstyle prices range from $50-$110). Nail options include: polish, mani, gel mani acrylic, hard gel, gel extensions, fills, pedicure, or gel pedi.(nail prices range from $30-$100). And makeup offerings are: glow, no makeup makeup, blushing babe, contour queen, statement lip, cat eye, smokey eye, or pop of color (makeup prices range from $60-$125).

The Glam App not only delivers on the convenience level, but makes you feel like a celebrity. We’ve all seen on it on TV or heard about ‘the glam squad’ who work miracles preparing celebs for the red carpet. Now the average woman; from busy housewife to prom-goer, is provided the ability to feel like a celeb with their very own glam squad, in the luxury of their own home. “Whether you’re a working woman or stay-at-home mom, your time is valuable. [The beauty industry] hasn’t catered to women like we have with this app, so we’re excited to bring that to young girls and women.” Cara’s enthusiasm is contagious and this actress/blogger/beauty expert has no plans of slowing down soon. Now in 22 cities including London, the App is stronger than ever. “And we pride ourselves on the affordability, we have a price point for every socio-economic community, whether it's a $25 polish change to $150 blowout. We have everyone from young girls going to homecoming, to A-listers using the app. We’re really proud of that.”

The Glam App is in 22 cities including London, LA, NY, Chicago, DC, Boston, The OC, Vegas, Salt Lake City, Philadelphia, New Jersey, San Francisco, Nashville, Atlanta, and Miami and more!


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