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Gym Marine: Coral Spa Consultants

Whilst Coral Spa Consultants might be a new name in the superyacht industry, its founder, Kayleigh Westgarth, is no newbie to the world of luxury spas, superyachts, and wellness.

For over 12 years, Kayleigh worked as a masseuse and spa manager aboard some the world’s most prestigious superyachts. With each yacht she joined, Kayleigh found the same problems – a lack of space to work in, poor consideration for storage, and missed opportunities for elevating the treatment experience. “The sign of a good spa therapist is one who can deliver a treatment whilst all you are aware of is their touch and the soothing relaxation provided by the background ambience,” Kayleigh explains, who has turned her experience and expertise to her own consultancy business that aims to stop interior designers and yacht crew from making the same mistakes. “I’m here to help create the ideal wellness space onboard - an area designed to perfection, eliminating distractions mid-treatment or the need for a client to move multiple times during a procedure,” says Kayleigh.

“Because spa professionals are never consulted, it’s extremely rare to find a superyacht spa space that’s been designed with enough knowledge and understanding of the requirements for smooth operation,” and as Kayleigh highlights, space aboard a superyacht is already at a premium. “Coral Spa Consultants are here to advise design teams, shipyards, and owner’s supply managers during the earlier stages of design and interior space planning to help design a wellness area that functions seamlessly, and with equipment that is properly suited to the treatments on offer.”

Creating the ideal space for a therapist to work in and a treatment to be delivered in, is what Kayleigh finds most rewarding about her work. “Often, spa therapists on yacht have to just ‘make do’ despite there not being quite enough room for them to work in. We can adapt and are very good at making the most of a space, however when I contribute to a project and my suggestions are taken on board, and I know that when the spa team steps aboard they are going to be excited about the treatment room and their work space, that’s what I love.”

As our dedication to health and wellbeing grows, so does the demand for spaces that deliver results for recharging both mind and body. From ensuring wellness spaces have the necessary flexibility and charter appeal, to hammam and sauna integration and incorporating advanced equipment like cryosaunas, the experience of Coral Spa Consultants covers it all.

“I’ve drawn inspiration from some of the luxury onshore spas I’ve had the good fortune to visit or work in,” tells Kayleigh. “Some of the greatest designs I’ve seen include natural elements and a soft welcoming ambiance. I visited the Ayurma Spa in the Maldives on a research trip, and their natural ethos really stood out to me - they made a visit there feel like a journey through the senses and that was inspiring.” Kayleigh continues, “At the opposite end of the scale, I was also really impressed by the La Prairie Clinique in

Switzerland - I spent time training there and loved how even though everything was results driven, you were still able to switch off and relax throughout a treatment. The current spa top of my wishlist to visit is the Lanesborough Club and Spa - their priority throughout has been comfort and luxury for the guests whilst allowing plenty of working space for the therapist, the level of their treatments are just incredible.”

“Our team approaches each new spa project as a blank canvas. We take a client’s vision and implement that in a way that ensures operational success,” says Kayleigh. The team begin with a site visit or design meeting, and then prepare a presentation of equipment and workable floor plan based on any specified treatments, design intents, space constraints, construction deadlines or other key project elements. 

The way spa spaces and beauty treatment rooms aboard yachts differ most from those ashore is due to the intricacies that must be considered; predominantly in that the treatment room will need to be stowed whenever the boat moves. Anything on wheels, such as stools and trolleys, need to be provided with a brake or locking option - no one wants to risk them rolling across the room and damaging the interior! Equipment and products can’t be kept on counters in case there’s bad weather and things sliding off, so everything needs a dedicated home. The constant battle for space is also felt more acutely onboard, “We constantly fight with having enough space as the spa is often a shared area. In a land-based spa, you often have a storage room for back up equipment and stock,” says Kayleigh.

“Our job as wellness designers is to recommend equipment and systems that are best suited to the user and their needs. We are not affiliated with any one brand and we make independent recommendations based on a ‘best in class’ ethos,” states Kayleigh. 

Coral Spa Consultants assist clients through the entire process, from initial equipment specification and delivery to installation and treatment suggestions, as well as ongoing training for the spa team. By providing knowledge from the very beginning, Kayleigh advises they can save clients both time and resources along the way.

“Holistic wellness spaces have become incredibly popular, and many yacht charterers will seek out yachts that offer this,” says Kayleigh. “Whether the focus is on relaxation and wellbeing, or more sports and training orientated, considering the floor plan, lighting, and storage is essential for creating an efficient spa.” There are many factors that need to be considered when planning a spa and wellness area, “Honestly, it’s everything!” proclaims Kayleigh. “From power and drainage requirements through to reinforced floors and walls, and planning ahead for custom joinery.”

The range of spa and wellness equipment procured by Coral Spa Consultants includes some of the most prestigious spa brands in the industry, such as Nilo, Lemi and Gharieni. “We are constantly expanding our network to stay abreast with an ever-evolving industry, allowing us to procure the latest high-grade spa equipment and beauty products,” says Kayleigh. “An integral part of a fully functioning spa is choosing the most suitable product ranges and designing a treatment menu that allows a therapist to deliver experiences within the space you have available.”


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