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Gym Marine - Fit For Purpose

Today, the concept of wellness has evolved from just a trend to a way of life. For superyacht owners, this is translating into increased investment into onboard gyms that are both functional and luxurious.

As health and wellbeing has grown in popularity, superyacht gyms are becoming bigger and better. What was once considered a bonus, onboard gyms have transformed into palatial spaces taking up some of the most premium real estate the yacht has to offer. For a gym to become a standout feature on board, however, the design needs to be carefully considered.

Gym Marine Yachts and Interiors has been designing and installing superyacht gyms for nearly 10 years and, as such, Managing Partner Edward Thomas has specialist knowledge of the challenges and considerations that go into creating a successful space. “Each project needs to not only consider the client’s individual requirements, but how to integrate a luxurious yet functional fitness space into the unique environment and dimensions of a superyacht,” Thomas advises.

One of the first considerations for a superyacht gym should be its location on board. Depending on preference, clients might want to take advantage of the panoramic view of an upper deck or be close to the water’s edge in the beach club area. The 70m Feadship Joy, for example, features an indoor-outdoor gym to the rear of the bridge deck that enjoys incredible views and an open-air feel.

“The designers cleverly used fold-out glass doors so guests can work out with a cool sea breeze, and simply close them up to protect the equipment from the elements when underway,” comments Thomas, who assisted with the planning of Joy’s gym. The result is an incredibly bright and inviting space that is a pleasure to exercise in.

Further factors to consider when planning the layout of a superyacht gym, include access for installing equipment, ceiling heights, where equipment will be stored if used outdoors and how to affix equipment to ensure that it’s secure when underway. In fact, mapping the layout is an important part of Gym Marine’s process as floor space will dictate the amount of equipment that can be incorporated.

But lack of space doesn’t necessarily mean restriction – there is plenty of multi-functional equipment available that can cater for a wide variety of fitness interests. “Incorporating multi-functional equipment can offer a variety of exercises within a small footprint,” adds Thomas. “Cardio equipment integrated with virtual training platforms or fitness apps also enables guests to add diversity to their training programmes while on board.”

Storage is always an issue on superyachts, and Gym Marine is often asked to find ways to cram as many different accessories and increments of weights as possible into small spaces. Solutions include custom racking systems or integrating storage racks into pieces of multi-functional equipment, such as multi-gyms and half power racks, as well as custom equipment with reduced footprint and height.

One final consideration is the ‘WOW’ factor – superyacht clients expect their onboard gym to be finished to the same high standard as the rest of the interior. This can be achieved effectively through personalisation and customisation, such as bespoke equipment. Take the 115m Lürssen Ahpo as an example, on which Gym Marine worked with Nuvolari Lenard to create an extensive guest gym – the largest onboard gym space that Gym Marine has created to date – as well as two dedicated crew gyms.

Ahpo’s gym has been carefully considered to optimise use of space, allow functional versatility, and work in complete harmony with the other beautiful wellness spaces aboard the yacht, expertly conceived by Valentina Zannier,” Thomas explains. “The result is pretty show-stopping, though one of the standout features is a much smaller detail: custom-branded free weights bearing the yacht’s logo.”

The superyacht gym has become more than just a place to work out; it’s a space that should inspire health and wellbeing while in ultimate luxury. But to achieve this, meticulous planning first has to go into the functionality and ergonomics of the space, with finishing touches elevating it to the standard expected of superyacht interiors.


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