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Havana Good Time! How to Pick the Right Cigar

Knowing how to choose the right singer is essential, whether you are buying one for yourself or you are purchasing a gift for someone else. It's a good idea to understand the basics of a cigar. The fact is that cigars are very similar to fine wines or whiskies. They vary in quality and strength, so what do we all need to know so we can purchase the right cigar for us or the recipient?

Find the Right Maker

The right maker will understand the three key components of a quality cigar, and they are the filler, binder, and wrapper leaves. There are providers like Drew Estate that provide a very delicate mixture of three, and you can learn about Drew Estate cigars at this link. The wrapper is a particularly important component, and with each different type of wrapper comes specific flavors. The right maker also blends the tobacco according to tastes but you also need to remember the costs. How much money you have will have an impact on the type of cigar you can afford. That's not to say the cheaper they are, the worse they are because there are some fantastic cigars that you can purchase for a low price.

Think About Your Tastes

Yes, while smoking cigars could result in bad breath, we're talking about specific tastes in relation to what you are looking for in terms of a quality cigar that meets your needs. When you are looking for the right cigar, there's a great selection in terms of the flavor profile. For example, a cigar can be leathery, nutty, or spicy. Much like a fine wine, there are a lot of culinary terms that can be used to characterize the taste. This is something that can help you find the right cigar so you can pair it up with the right drinks. Additionally, you need to consider the three key areas that comprise a great cigar. These are:

  • Body

  • Size

  • Shape

Each of these will have a bearing on the type of cigar you want. For example, a cigar that's more full-bodied is going to be stronger, the longer a cigar and the longer it will last, and the shape, which consists of two different classes, parejos and figurados, can have an impact on the flavor.

The Quality

Do you want a cigar with a glass of bourbon or to enjoy by itself? When you are looking for the right cigar, you need to consider if it is a quality cigar. You can start by sniffing the cigar, which will help you understand how it would taste. Additionally, you should make sure it is not dry to the touch. If it is dry, it's unlikely to have been stored properly. You should also make sure the cigar should have the same uniform color.

A cigar is a fine treat that should be consumed in moderation. If you are looking for a pastime that you could share with the older generation or looking for something that doesn't involve alcohol, a great cigar can make you feel like you are “Havana good time!”


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