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Hermann Hotels: Luxury 3 Ways in Palm Springs

Steve Hermann is very well-known in the world of luxury. After making a name for himself by designing and developing upscale properties for the rich and famous in sought-after areas like Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, he turned his attention to hospitality. The Hermann Hotels property in Palm Springs is the perfect example of this. It’s home to three resorts featuring his signature style, and it’s quickly become a destination of choice for travelers in search of a taste of luxury.

Why Palm Springs?

Before looking at each of the hotel offerings, let’s talk about Palm Springs itself. With year-round sunshine, a backdrop featuring the stunning San Jacinto Mountains, modern architecture, and streets lined with palm trees, it’s easy to see the appeal. This appeal is not new, either. Back before it was the luxury desert haven it is today, Hollywood movie stars seeking solace would often retreat to the area when they were looking for a change of pace from Los Angeles.

Another thing that’s notable when you visit Palm Springs is that you're tapping into an exclusive world. This is the home of world-renowned events like the Coachella Music Festival, which brings out all the stars from all over the world. This upscale lifestyle extends beyond events, too, with designer shopping, excellent restaurants, and high-end art galleries easy to find. 

In addition, given the popularity of Palm Springs, it’s an easy place to travel. This is particularly evident when it comes to booking companies, as they have strong relationships and access to technology that helps them identify the best deals. The eDreams online travel agency is a good example of this, where the only thing required of the traveler is to enter a few key details. They simply list their departure and arrival airports and let the AI-powered search engine compare all the options in a matter of seconds.

Hermann Colony Palms

All three of Hermann’s hotels are worth your attention, but the Colony Palms has perhaps the most interesting history. Dating back to the 1930s, this establishment used to have mobsters, Hollywood’s elite, and politicians all rubbing shoulders together within its walls. 

At Colony Palms, you’ll find 57 rooms, ranging from small and cozy rooms to expansive suites. All rooms showcase the vintage charm and history of the property, complemented by modern comforts. The bedding, towels, and robes are from luxury brand Frette, while the bathroom features products from another well-known luxury company, Le Labo.

Outside of the rooms, guests will usually make their way to The Colony Club for dinner. The restaurants serve a mixture of European and American cuisine, and it even includes a private dining room where up to 14 guests can celebrate special occasions. 

Hermann Bungalows

Another Hermann Hotels option is the Hermann Bungalows, where just under 25 modern, luxurious bungalows have been created for a more intimate kind of atmosphere. In true Palm Springs style, you can lay by the pool with incredible views of the mountains, and unlike the Colony Palms, all guests at this property must be over 21.

Although all the rooms here are bungalows, there are some differences. Your choices include the Garden View Suite, the Premier Pool View Suite, or, if you’re feeling extra indulgent, the Premier Studio Suite, which even has its own jacuzzi. Those simply seeking a romantic getaway can opt for the One Bedroom Fireplace Suite.

Just as the accommodation at Hermann Bungalows is more laid back compared to a traditional hotel, so too are the dining options. The SO.PA Restaurant’s open-air setting allows guests to gather around communal tables surrounded by fire pits and fountains for their meals, but a more intimate experience is available, too.

Hermann L'Horizon

Much in the same way that Colony Palms used to attract society’s elite, L’Horizon has a similar history. The hotel became very popular among celebrities soon after its creation in the mid-20th century, with the likes of Marilyn Monroe and President Nixon having been guests at the property. Its prestige remains today, and just like the Hermann Bungalows, all guests must be at least 21 years old.

L’Horizon features 25 bungalows that are spread out over multiple acres, each filled with luxury. The furniture is high-end, the bath is made of marble, and each bungalow has both a private patio and an outdoor shower. More than that, L’Horizon will even let you bring your pet. Make sure you let them know before your trip, though, as they have some special amenities to prepare.

One of the best parts of L’Horizon is the spa and wellness treatments. Whether it’s yoga, a massage, or an aromatherapy-infused body treatment, the wellness facilities have both indoor and outdoor spaces, perfect for those wanting to take in that fresh desert air while they relax.

When you combine the historic charm and modern elegance of each of the three Hermann Hotels in Palm Springs, you’re left with a luxurious escape that’s hard to beat. Regardless of which one you choose, Hermann Hotels in Palm Springs is a must for any luxury traveler’s bucket list.


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