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High Goal Gin - American Gin, Reimagined.

Grain & Barrel Spirits announces the introduction of the newest brand in its portfolio, High Goal Luxury Gin. Born of the sport of polo and gleaning inspiration from the culinary epicenter of Charleston, South Carolina, where the gin is produced, High Goal is a “New World” gin that utilizes hints of citrus and mint in its unique blend of regionally-focused botanicals.

The original vision of serial spirits entrepreneur Matti Christian Anttila, Co-Founder and CEO of Grain and Barrel Spirits (Dixie Southern Vodka, Chicken Cock Whiskey, Cabana Rum and Endless Summer Spirits), High Goal is produced in small batches of just 3,000 bottles at a time. Developed over the course of more than a year of meticulous taste testing, it’s infused with botanicals sourced directly from across America’s Southeast including Mint, Meyer Lemon, Juniper, Coriander and Cardamom, resulting in a light and refreshing drinking experience. It is best served on the rocks with a slice of lemon and fresh mint, though it can also be enjoyed with a high-quality tonic or stirred into a mixed cocktail.

“Gin has been the fastest growing spirits category outside of the US for many years. The beauty of gin is that you can create a unique formula from the botanicals. Beyond Juniper, there’s an open landscape you can play with,” said Anttila. “When we decided to create the first premium American gin, we needed to think about ingredients local to where it would be distilled. We wanted High Goal to represent the region it’s from and that’s driven its formulation. It’s open and accessible; American gin, reimagined.”

High Goal is brought to life through the iconic face and voice of American Polo Player and High Goal Co-Founder Nic Roldan, who discovered firsthand a love of gin whilst playing tournaments in the United Kingdom, including the prestigious Queen’s Cup.

Developing an admiration for the classic spirit, he began to seek out partners with the same entrepreneurial drive to create something stateside; something that would resonate with both longtime gin drinkers and those who were new to the spirit. It was at a casual polo match amongst friends in Wellington, Florida, where Co-Founder Diego Urrutia introduced Roldan to Anttila, the trio recognizing not only their mutual love for the sport and the lifestyle surrounding it, but a shared vision to create the first American luxury gin.

Said Roldan, “Given polo’s global nature, and gin’s global nature, the two fit so well together. When we started discussing the concept, we knew quite quickly that we had something incredibly special. High Goal is the term for the highest level of play in polo, but it’s so much more than that, it’s a lifestyle. We’re aiming for High Goal Gin to stand at the pinnacle of this lifestyle as the ultimate premium gin on the market.”


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