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HMY - Introduces the Two Oceans 675 Power Catamaran

Two Oceans already stunned the yacht industry with the unveiling of their 555 Power Catamaran, but they have wasted no time on their next centerpiece and are ready to up the ante yet again. The 675 Power Catamaran, built by Two Oceans and designed yet again by Du Toit Yacht Design, is here to set a new standard for what it means to live in luxury on the sea.

HMY is the exclusive distributor of Two Oceans Power Catamarans for the U.S., Canada, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and the Bahamas, and is intimately involved in receiving and relaying customer feedback to Two Oceans. This leads to constant improvements and iterations to these unparalleled feats of yacht manufacturing.

Let’s discuss some key features of the 675 Power Catamaran so you can see the time and consideration that went into this yacht.

The key characteristic of the 675 that truly makes it unrivaled amongst power catamarans— and even larger motor yachts — is its level of livability. The 675 offers a massive amount of square footage, which of course is part of the draw to this segment. When properly designed, an owner has full utilization of this abundant space. Exclusive to the Two Oceans power catamaran line, and paralleling the 555, the 675’s main deck is entirely on one level from cockpit to front door with not a single step or riser.

All of the above being said, and to define the size of the main deck alone, envision a space (32 x 67 sq ft, or 2,144 sq/ft in total) which includes premium furnishings that showcase the exquisite interior design philosophy of Du Toit Yacht Design. Any appliance you would expect to have in a high-end luxury home is found in the galley.

Speaking of Du Toit, there are some other areas of the interior where you really start to see them distinguish themselves from the competition. Their name continues to sit at the top of the yacht design field because of things like their scratch-built, blank sheet design approach. In the 675, this attention to detail is particularly found in the 360-degree visibility even from a seated position available virtually everywhere and further enhanced with the abundance of natural light that pours into the vessel.

Regarding livability, the living space provided — particularly the sleeping quarters — can be configured to your liking. Plus, the available bed sizes are the largest in class. The already generous crew space on board can even be expanded. The owners’ suite has been thoughtfully placed midship to account for motion on the water and four en-suite staterooms can accommodate eight or more guests.

The design philosophy in the 555 comes back stronger in the 675 with another hull design dedicated to performance while retaining its aura of elegance.

An important signifier of performance is the slenderness ratio of the hull of a vessel, with a lower number usually equaling better performance. The 675 was designed with this in mind, and its low slenderness ratio makes it one of the most efficient power catamaran in its class.

The 675 also brings in another element occasionally seen from other brands, but executed much differently here: the interior and exterior egresses connecting to the bridge and aft deck when the skylounge layout option is chosen.

The thoughtful and innovative considerations for the 675 also extend to its technical design and capabilities. One notable feature is the 3’9” shallow draft, nearly a full foot less than competitors, and extremely advantageous if you are eager to do some Bahamas cruising.

Another advancement in the hull design protects this exquisite vessel from hull “slapping.” Du Toit responded to this common problem by implementing the highest bridge deck clearance in this class, preventing swells from hitting the bottom of the hull as opposed to lower-bellied designs.

Comfort is also found in the technical choices, with exhaust innovations made in collaboration with Centek.

The 675 features an underwater exhaust system for the gen-sets and engines that help keep smells and distracting exhaust noises from affecting you and your guests. Power catamarans typically have their exhausts on the side or in the rear, but the 675 is making every effort to stand out and make better choices than the competition.

While luxury is always enviable, safety is the most significant feature that you need to accommodate for on a sea-faring vessel. In the case of the 675, safety is well accounted for in features like the sacrificial keels installed to help protect crucial running gear in the unlikely event of your power cat being grounded.

To learn more about this vessel or to explore other offerings, visit our dedicated Two Oceans 675 Power Catamaran experts at HMY. To set up a viewing or sea trial you can also call 561-228-4300. Don’t wait to begin enjoying the yacht of your dreams; contact HMY Yachts today!


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