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Hope's Windows - Offering Peace of Mind to Oceanfront Homeowners

When building the oceanfront home of your dreams, you want to maximize the view with panoramic windows and walls of glass. You also need to keep Mother Nature at bay in the event of tropical storms and hurricanes.

Hope’s Windows, Inc. accomplishes both goals by providing extraordinary coastal homes with the world’s finest windows and doors along with the peace of mind that comes from certified storm protection.

Bespoke windows and doors begin with your unique vision. Each window and door is custom-tailored and expertly handcrafted to achieve your design. Steel windows and doors fit any style of architecture from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. Every curve, profile, and finish fully reflects your individual style.

Hope’s has been designing and handcrafting custom steel windows and doors for more than a century and continues to refine the art that makes them the most luxurious and longest lasting in the world. Steel and bronze windows and doors have a distinct look characterized by uniquely narrow frames and large areas of glass. Their unmistakable appearance is impossible to replicate with other materials.

The superior strength of solid steel and bronze allows for substantially thinner frames of the grandest scale and virtually unlimited shape. This strength and design flexibility translates to more natural light and wider views. Moreover, steel windows and doors will not rack or distort with age and hardware will not loosen over time.

Once designed to your specifications, your custom windows and doors are then taken to the next level. Hope’s windows and doors are extensively tested to ensure the highest level of protection, performance, and durability in areas prone to extreme weather.

Hurricane-resistant windows and doors provide dependable protection from rain, hail, wind, and flying debris. They also eliminate the need for unsightly storm shutters. Hope’s impact-rated products are fully tested and certified to the highest standards, including stringent Florida Building Code and Miami-Dade protocols, and are approved for use in High Velocity Hurricane Zones.

In addition to impact testing, Hope’s windows and doors are tested for structural performance against exterior wind load, air leakage, water penetration, and energy efficiency. Safety and security are also taken into consideration. Rest assured that Hope’s offers window and door solutions that are designed, tested, and manufactured to stand up to forced entry, ensuring life safety and protection of property.

To achieve the longest life cycle potential, Hope’s provides the most advanced protective coating and finishing system available. Hope’s low-maintenance finishes provide long-term protection against corrosion and abrasion in salty coastal environments for beautiful windows and doors that will remain pristine—both aesthetically and functionally—for decades to come.

Hope’s subjects its products to more third-party testing and certifications than any other steel window and door manufacturer. The company’s uncommon diligence provides peace of mind and delivers proven performance and protection in extreme weather events.

For more than a century, Hope’s handcrafted steel and bronze windows and doors have been synonymous with longevity and quality. From the development of truly visionary design concepts through an unparalleled finishing process, Hope’s is the first choice in premium quality steel and bronze windows and doors built to last a lifetime and beyond.


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