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How To Capture Creative Self Portraits

Taking self-portraits may seem like a slightly dull way to take photographs and something that has been overly done, but there are a few tips and techniques that will allow you to take some of the best and most unique self-portraits.

Use Mirrors

One of the easiest things you can do, especially if you are a beginner or don’t have much money for props, is to use mirrors. Mirrors are not only a brilliant way to take unique photos but can also create angles, depth of view, etc.

Whether you are taking up-close photos or ones that require optics, a mirror, big or small, can add some incredible depth and dimension to any photo. 


Self-portraits are also a brilliant way to experiment with your photography. A few things you can experiment with include your makeup and clothing, the lighting, props, and filters. 

Makeup & Clothing

The first thing you can do is change your makeup and clothing to create entirely new looks in every photo. This is also great for people with lower budgets, as you can take multiple photos conveying multiple looks and stories just by changing your clothing. 


There are multiple ways to use props in a self-portrait, but the two main ways are to either be holding/wearing them or to be between you and the camera. Placing different props, such as wearing sunglasses for a fashion shoot, can make photos quirky and unique or more stylish. 

Placing props between you and the camera is another simple and interesting way to add depth and story to your photos. If you think about a fish tank, for example, imagine how amazing the photos would be if you are on one side of it, the camera on the other, and you get the angle just right. 


Filters are not only a fun way to add a new dimension to your photos, but once again, if you have a small budget or are just starting, there are a few household items you can use to create unique effects. 

You can use anything from plastic wrap over the lens to lighting up your silhouette through baking paper. Take any material you can see through and use it as a filter to see what kind of effects and photos you get. 


Whether you want to become a professional photographer or not, mastering the art of light is a must. Using different lights and light settings for your self-portraits makes them more interesting and allows you to get better at using light. 

Add Movement 

Self-portraits don’t have to be just your face; photographing your entire body and edding movement can create exciting and unique photos. This is especially true if there is a bit of blur, double exposure, etc. 

You Don’t Have to Show Your Face

Another interesting way to take self-portraits is to not include your face at all. You can take self-portraits of any part of you, whether your back, neck, stomach, legs or whatever else you choose. 

Not only does this create more interesting images, but it also opens you up to a plethora of new poses, styling, etc. 

Take Inspiration from Artwork

If you want to take self-portraits but don’t want to take an average-looking selfie, you can research famous self-portrait artwork. The best thing about this is that you can get a similar effect but put your spin on it. 

Famous self-portraits are famous for a reason; therefore, the foundation for a great photo is already there. You don’t have to copy it exactly, but adding your twist will make it wholly unique to you and your style. 

Make a Collage

If you want to tell a story with your photographs, the best route to take is to create a collage. Changing your clothing, backdrop, poses, etc, allows you to take the viewers on a journey of your shoot.

Close-Up & Far Away

If you want to add more dimension to your photos, experimenting with how close or far away the camera can allow you to take more interesting photos that either include or remove more or less of your background. 

For example, a close-up of your eye can capture incredible details, especially with the right camera and lens. On the other hand, standing far back and allowing a beautiful backdrop to be seen can add scale and draw people into your photo.


Finally, using reflections can allow you to take a photo that looks like you used multiple cameras simultaneously. While this can be included in the mirror section, multiple surfaces create reflections for you to photograph.

Water, for example, can create a “double” effect, while having multiple reflective surfaces can allow you to take one photo but capture numerous angles at one time. 

These are only a few ways you can take more creative self-portraits, but they are also methods that can be changed and adapted to your style to turn your self-portraits into works of art.

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