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International Defense K9 Releases Expansion Plans

Oconomowoc, WI - International Defense K9 (IDK9), a company that trains guard dogs from a range of breeds, has announced that it is building a new facility in south central Florida. The new facility is being designed to handle approximately three times the company’s current capacity.

While IDK9 was founded in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, it has expanded to locations in Milwaukee, Los Angeles, New York City, and two Florida locations: Miami and West Palm Beach - soon to be joined by the new facility.

Co-founder and CEO M Otto Sturm says that the company will soon be disclosing more details about the exact location of the company’s newest facility. “We feel that further expanding into Florida is key right now, given the company’s growth,” Sturm shares. “IDK9 is focused on providing the best service and products in personal and family security.”

Sturm adds that the new facility will enhance the team’s ability to train and accommodate more elite dogs, thereby meeting the increasing demand for IDK9’s services. “This move, we feel, will also provide an opportunity for our customers in the area to interact more closely with us and understand our unique family-centric approach to K9 training,” he continues. “We are excited about this expansion as it aligns perfectly with our vision of safeguarding peace for families across the globe."

Co-founder Kristi Kummer shares that the company’s newest facility will be state of the art. “We’re designing this facility with the utmost consideration for both functionality and the welfare of the dogs,” she affirms. “We’re looking at features such as spacious indoor and outdoor training arenas, comfortable living spaces that replicate home environments, and cutting-edge technology to assist in our specialized training methods.”

Kummer and Sturm both feel that an equally important feature will be the planned inclusion of family interaction zones. “This will allow our clients to experience hands-on training and bonding with their future family protectors,” says Kummer. “Our hope is to create an environment that fosters optimal growth, learning, and wellbeing for our dogs while providing an unparalleled experience for our clients."

Expanding its operations with a new state-of-the-art facility in South Central Florida presents IDK9 with the potential for significant growth and scalability. Florida, with its diverse demographics, prosperous economy, and a large population of high-net-worth individuals, offers an ideal market for IDK9’s specialized services, according to Sturm and Kummer.

“With our Miami and Palm Beach locations, we’ve learned that this region provides access to a larger pool of potential clients,” Sturm states. “Past clients have included CEOs, professional athletes, celebrities, and royal family members who are looking for top-tier family-friendly protection dogs.”

He says that IDK9’s new location is strategic, and he hopes that it will allow the company to reach more families and individuals in need of customized protection services.

Kummer adds that the new facility isn’t just an expansion in terms of geographical footprint, but it is also an investment in the company's future growth and scalability. “We feel that this move will enhance our capacity to raise, train, and deliver more elite dogs while maintaining our high standards of quality,” she explains.

Another big reason for this move is access to Miami International Airport. The new facility will supplement the company’s home facilities in Wisconsin. Along with this expansion, IDK9 is growing its staff, with plans to increase its workforce to 50 or more. “We are looking for highly educated, devoted, and passionate technicians,” Sturm states. “Our commitment is to maintain excellence in the services we provide. That is the driving force behind this strategic expansion.”

About International Defense K9

International Defense K9 is a company that specializes in sourcing and training family-friend protection dogs for personal security. The company is led by Kristi Kummer and M Otto Sturm. The team has over two decades of experience in police, military, and personal canine training.

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