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Jennifer Hyland - Brick by Brick

Top producing Palm Beach realtor Jennifer Hyland of Peters & Hyland has without a doubt made waves in the world of real estate. But for Jennifer, being a realtor is more than her career, it's her calling. Navigating the real estate market and building her incredibly successful career from the ground up, Jennifer’s well-rounded background, her passion for real estate, and her ability to stay present in every moment has shaped her success.

Jennifer, over the course of your incredible career with over $1.5BB in residential sales in one of the greatest luxury real estate markets on the planet, Palm Beach, FL, a boots on the ground realtor as you mentioned in your podcast, what are the some moments in your career that you can reflect on as life/career changing?

Well, the first would be when I was working for an architect in New York City, Helmut Jahn, and he was an internationally acclaimed architect. The clients that we served then are still some of my clients today. I jumped in where the expectations were very high. I made it a point to always put myself around the best minds and learn from them, to be as excellent and indispensable as I possibly could. I listened a lot. Surrounding myself with excellence really helped me up my game.

Another life changing moment was making the move to Florida, leaving the corporate world and getting into real estate. Through discretion and building a level of trust with very discerning buyers and seller’s it helped grow my business brick by brick. I began a connection with a lot of celebrities and CEO’s. There was no shortcut, it was all done the old fashion way - modern resources with old fashioned work ethic.

For me, every client is our most important client. We treat everyone with the same level of dignity, excellence, and attention.It’s very humbling for me because I’m very service minded, and I’m a professional. I’ve made lifelong friends through real estate, what I call my Alumni Club, or clients who keep coming back. For example, there’s a gentleman that I have closed 11 deals with. . You build these relationships through listening and staying present with the client, making sure every move is in their best interest. We have the resources and the knowledge, and I think that's what separates us from the rest. We get it done, and we make sure it's smooth. And that's what people know about us; we take the worries and the stress out of the move. And in the end, that's what people remember­- how they felt.

It's as much a calling as a career for me. My passion, my life, is real estate and making such great things happen for people. It goes deeper for me, it’s what I love.

Why Palm Beach for you? What about the lifestyle do you love?

We serve from Palm Beach to Jupiter Island, but there’s a lot to love about Palm Beach. We are a finite resource is what I always say. We’re an income tax free state. Our convenience level is unparalleled; we’re 2 hour flight to New York, 5 hours Europe, were an easy boat ride from the Bahamas and the Caribbean, and right next to 2 international airports. We have world-class shopping, dining. It's an incredible combination of just about everything.


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