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Becoming Iconic: Jonathan Baker

Baker Entertainment Group Debuts Jonathan Baker's Star-Studded Documentary

Indie film leader Baker Entertainment Group proudly announces the highly-anticipated Digital HD, DVD and VOD debut of filmmaker Jonathan Baker’s fascinating Hollywood documentary, Becoming Iconic: Jonathan Baker, which began on December 4, 2018. Featuring some of the industry's most iconic directors, including Jodie Foster, Taylor Hackford, Adrian Lyne, Nicolas Cage, John Badham and Warren Beatty, the one-of-a-kind film explores the process of directing a big-budget feature, from the ground up, through the eyes of top directors as they tell their own stories. A must-see for movie lovers and anyone who has ever dreamed helming a big-budget, Hollywood feature, Becoming Iconic: Jonathan Baker was created in tandem with Baker’s preparation for and production of his own directorial debut of Inconceivable, starring Nicolas Cage, Gina Gershon and Faye Dunaway. The documentary is directed by Neal Thibedeau. Including fascinating, candid stories on topics ranging from the pressures of financing and working with top talent, to the ultimate challenge of making sure to stay true to the film’s vision, the documentary chronicles the inspirational “first time” stories of these celebrated directors, combined with the very personal story of Baker’s dream of making it big in Hollywood.

A unique, feature-length documentary, Becoming Iconic: Jonathan Baker contains interviews with some of Hollywood's most iconic directors talking with Jonathan Baker. The film explores the process of filmmaking from the ground up through the eyes of top directors as they tell their story of their first time making a feature film in the director's chair. Then, after listening to their words of wisdom, Jonathan Baker distills the lessons learned from his experience making his first feature film, Inconceivable with Nicolas Cage, Gina Gershon and Faye Dunaway.

Iconic Hollywood film directors, from Jodie Foster to Adrian Lyne to Taylor Hackford, dispense advice to filmmaker Jonathan Baker on the experience, challenges and pitfalls of being a first-time director.

Jonathan Baker and the filmmaking team who created Becoming Iconic: Jonathan Baker are hopeful that the documentary serves to showcase that success comes to those who are dedicated to their passion. With a vision that the film will be a tool to start a conversation for those in college, film school, high schools and anyone who loves or wants to be in the film industry, Baker has pledged to devote his time to speak to students of all ages, to help spread his advice on both independent and studio filmmaking. Jonathan also has his own lifestyle brand with incredible candle, cologne and fragrance scents, and is the owner of the coveted Hamptons Hotel, The Maidstone, in East Hampton, NY.


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