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Joy Corrigan - Naked Species

I've always been an artist at heart with a passion to create and design. After I found success in modeling and acting, I wanted to do something to give back while also following my passions. Creating Naked Species was such an organic next move. Inspired by the beauty of nature, I combined my love for earth’s creatures and my passion for design into a unique clothing brand that gives back. Having my sister Gina as my business partner makes it even more special; she compliments me in the business aspect of the brand. What I am most proud of is the message behind Naked Species, which is to raise awareness though art while protecting the most vulnerable endangered species. I’m so blessed to have the platform that I have and to be able to reach so many people! With that, I feel an even bigger responsibility to use my voice for good.

As we’re all learning to navigate this new normal, one thing that is here to stay is a demand for comfort as much as style in the clothing we choose. The Naked Species design concept is about creating edgy pieces that are “Basics” yet not so basic, with comfort built into everything we do. My next collection is no exception; I’ve been so inspired by the rainforest where many of these beautiful species reside. From the texture of the leaves, to the color of a tree, to the shapes of a branch. You’ll see this incorporated into our next pieces from the colors, the fabrics and the pattern.

The Wild Tomorrow Fund, is a charity dear to my heart. Gina and I really wanted to partner with a foundation that has a sense of urgency to act, protect and create solutions to the endangered animals. The Wild Tomorrow Fund, are actively working hard in the field to put a stop to poachers and helping to train the locals on maintaining these efforts. They are even buying land for rhinos and elephants to run free without risk! Giving a portion of our sales to support them felt absolutely right, natural and such a blessing to do so.

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