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Kylie Vonhamm - Platform and Power

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a deep-rooted love for all animals, specifically elephants. If the world does not change their behaviors that are affecting this species, elephants will continue down the path towards extinction. There are only around 400,000 wild African elephants left, and on average 96 are killed each day. Habitat loss, trophy hunting and poaching are the three main causes to their population demise.

Public opinion is one of the most important aspects in how we can protect these animals. There are incredible online platforms like Karmagawa that works to save and protect animals. This platform is a quality example of an organization that uses the masses on social media to put pressure on governments & individuals to help animals at risk. By signing petitions, raising money and working with frontline defenders, we can help to stop elephants from going extinct.

As a model myself, I have seen firsthand what opportunities social media has created for our industry. Social media has given models the platform and power to influence the world around them. I have committed to using my online platform as a vessel to help share the importance of protecting our world’s threatened and endangered species. With the influence that we carry online, we can help sway public opinion in favor of the rights that these beautiful creatures deserve.

Outside of sharing my work as a model, I use my social media platforms to share stories of animals in need. I often encourage my followers to sign petitions and donate funds to various causes that involve distressed animals. By using my social media as a way to spread awareness, it often shows my followers that there are pressing issues in the world that are not being talked about enough. When I provide resources and facts on issues like endangered wildlife, I make it easily accessible for my followers to help the cause from the convenience of their phones.

I feel that it is crucial for me to use my space on the internet to influence positive change. One of my favorite quotes is “I cannot do all the good that the world needs, but the world needs all of the good that I can do.” When I use my platform in this way, I can only hope that it inspires other models in my industry to do the same. I often think about how much positive change our industry could do for the world, if each model had just one cause in which they actively advocated.

I am only just beginning my mission to stand up for endangered wildlife species, but I have dreams of doing everything that I can to help these animals. As my online presence grows more with time, I become even more optimistic about the change that I can make in the world and animals that I can save.


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