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La Aurora - Chose Your Perferidos

Among the most sought-after cigars in the world, La Aurora Preferidos 1903 collection is hand-crafted in small batches by expert torcedores with over 15 years of experience using premium, oak-aged binders and fillers. The La Aurora Preferidos come together in a unique collection to form the Treasure Box.

Join La Aurora’s Master Blender, Manuel Inoa in a walkthrough of the entire lineup.


With a rich, oily Sumatra wrapper and expertly-aged binder and filler, the Preferidos 1903 Emerald Tubo cigar is built for a medium-bodied, even burn with rich, earthy and spicy notes and subtle sweetness that comes through consistently during the smoke. Presented in a sparkling Emerald tube, this cigar is the perfect representation of balance.

“A solid medium-bodied smoke with a very silky Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper and complex flavor with earthy aromas, spicy cinnamon and tropical red fruits.”

‐Master Blender, Manual Inoa


With an oily Brazilian Maduro wrapper, the Preferidos 1903 Ruby Tubo cigar delivers a balanced and robust smoke with sweet and spicy notes that mingle elegantly throughout. Presented in a beautiful ruby tube, this cigar is a precious gem and made to be savored.

“Tobacco flavors itself: Cedar, notes of coffee, bitter and cream in a medium-bodied cigar that’s rich, complex and very well balanced. The wrapper adds sweet and cinnamon notes and a bit of spice that leads to mild honey flavor.”

‐Master Blender, Manual Inoa


With notes of cedar and coffee at the front, the Preferidos 1903 Sapphire cigar develops into a full-bodied smoke with notes of woods, leather and subtle nuttiness for a truly one-of-a-kind palate and smooth, satisfying smoke. Presented in a beautiful sapphire tube, this cigar is a rare gem and made to be savored.

“A creamy and smooth smoke with a hint of coffee. This cigar is mild with classic flavors you can expect from a Connecticut wrapper with notes of wood, leather, and nuts, a fantastic aroma and a very nice finish.”

‐Master Blender, Manual Inoa


Flawlessly constructed for an even smoke and wrapped in a majestic corojo leaf, The Preferidos 1903 Gold Tubo cigar is flavorful and medium bodied with notes of cedar, coffee and citrus for a smoke suitable to any time of day. Presented in a beautiful golden tube, this cigar is a classic, made to be enjoyed.

“An earthy and spicy smoke. This full-bodied cigar is very complex in both taste and aroma with a long, pleasant finish in which we find coffee, cocoa, wood, and citrus notes.”

‐Master Blender, Manual Inoa


The blend of sun-grown Dominican, African, and Brazilian tobacco featured in the Preferido 1903 Platinum Tubo cigar creates a pleasant smoke with toasty and spicy notes that shine through subtly sweet undertones. Wrapped in the industry-favorite Cameroon wrapper and presented in a beautiful platinum tube, this preferido is a rare piece made for cigar lovers.

“A spicy smoke with sweet hints of cinnamon and intense notes of cocoa and toast. This cigar is very complex, rich and medium-bodied with a pleasant aroma.”

‐Master Blender, Manual Inoa


Named for the equally covetable jewel, the Preferidos 1903 Diamond Tubo cigar features a Connecticut-grown Broadleaf wrapper for a rich flavor profile of coffee, cocoa and cedar with hints of citrus and almond for natural sweetness. Presented in a rich black aluminum tube, this cigar is a unique gem and made to meet the highest expectations.

“A cigar for demanding smokers. Medium-to-full bodied with a high strength in flavors, highlighting oak and cedar. The dark, oily wrapper delivers a creamy and sweet smoke with hints of nuts, almond, citrus and cocoa.”

‐Master Blender, Manual Inoa

La Aurora Preferidos can be explored at


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