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Classically Modern Fashion

Laviano's debut collection combines classic artistry of fashion with a modern interpretation

With fashion in the reflection of culture and evolution building speed, it seems time has never been more precious. In 2017 a wondrous vision was brought to life: Laviano, a brand with homage to the roots of luxury fashion, demonstrates the upmost respect for the artistry of quality design, acknowledging the present yet rendering the future.

The brands first collection this Fall--Winter 17/18 was named The Nu--Woman; for the women confident enough to pull off a modern day feminine pant suit, a double collared square neck blouse, or perhaps a suede gown. For a first collection, it owns an organic cohesiveness emanating a maturity of only too rare a visionary and passion. Laviano is American made women’s wear combing the quality of Haute Couture from Paris with ready to wear craftsmanship from Italy, notwithstanding a creative enlightenment from London. Laviano is not a stride instead understands time is but a measurement and focuses on designing the timeless.


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