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Limassol Marina - A Yacht Lovers Dream Destination

From brightly colored villas offering yacht berths and private pools right along the water’s edge to modern skyscrapers, there’s plenty of choice for those who choose Limassol, the ‘city that never sleeps’ as their home. The city is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and spontaneous hospitality.

A key draw to the city is Limassol Marina, a super thrilling destination for yacht lovers and crews looking for a winter base in the eastern Mediterranean region. This year, marks 10 years since the marina’s inception and the now award-winning, Blue-flag and 5 Gold Anchor Platinum development offers visiting boating proprietors and crew members with a full lifestyle offering; a prospering commercial village comprising of fitness centers, a spa, luxury designer boutiques, lively bars and restaurants, all with incredible views. Entertainment includes a year round of crew activities with events and concerts held at the cultural central hub.

Limassol Marina, most recently ranked sixth in a list of the most instagrammable marinas in the world, also provides luxury real estate prospects with exclusive villas and luxury apartments right on the sea with private berths and access to a sandy beach. Limassol Marina itself, was designed as an extension of the old cultural heart of Limassol. Using a similar style of stone walls as the architecture in the historical town, the last phase apartments at Castle Residences are situated on their own private island, offering breath-taking 360° views of the Mediterranean Sea, the marina itself and the picturesque coastal city of Limassol. The luxury property market will continue to grow in 2021 with the demand for ocean-front homes with plenty of outdoor space and somewhere to park the yacht, high up on buyers’ wish lists.

Nikiforos Pampakas, General Manager at Limassol Marina, comments: “We are so happy to announce that Limassol Marina has now been completed and the delivery of our final Castle Residences apartments signifies the end of the project’s development and the maturity of our remarkable success story. Despite the pandemic, more than 90% of properties have been sold to people from 50 different nationalities and since opening we’ve seen thousands off yacht arrivals, including 275 world-famous superyachts.”

With a strong history and diverse community, Limassol Marina proves popular due to the number of facilities the destination offers. The home away from home, allows visitors and the boating community to capture unmissable views and countless luxurious amenities.The subtropical Mediterranean weather also guarantees perfect climate for water activities throughout most of the year, making this a must-see marina for the full spectrum of the yachting community.

Managed by Francoudi & Stephanou Marinas, Limassol Marina includes a variety of modern conveniences and amenities tailored to the specific needs of all boat owners and crew, a dedicated concierge service and attractive year-round berthing packages. Berths are served by the latest in fibre-optic and wifi services, security requirements 24/7, integrated waste management services and many more, while skilled specialists are available at all times to provide services in and around the marina.

Limassol Marina is also preparing to get ready for the Limassol Boat Show for 2022. A highlight of the annual calendar, Limassol Boat Show, is the largest boat show in the Eastern Mediterranean region and is back after the pandemic saw it cancelled two years in a row. The event draws international attention, meaning that visitors, exhibitors and yacht enthusiasts will come together and benefit from gaining unique networking opportunities to buy, manufacture and sell boats. The boat show will present a range of high quality marine goods and services from all those in service of the maritime subdivision.

Over 35,000 local and international visitors and over 120 global exhibitors from Cyprus, Greece, Russia, Israel, Lebanon, Italy, Sweden and the UK were in attendance at the last Boat Show and the 2022 event is expected to surpass all sort of exceptions in terms of international marina appeal and number in attendance, with a very exciting range of upcoming program of activities, seminars and demonstrations.

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