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Local Love For Manhattan Beach

We are thrilled to share the launch of a COVID-19 relief fund to support business owners in the iconic economic areas of Downtown Manhattan Beach and North Manhattan Beach – “Local Love for Manhattan Beach” (LLMB).

Our small local businesses are the essential fabric that makes up the charm of Manhattan Beach. As a result of the pandemic, most stores have closed, and many business owners are in crisis and unable to support their own pressing personal needs. With no income over the last few months, we know many of these families will have to make extremely hard choices. If their personal survival requires closing their business, our entire community loses.

Longtime residents with a passion for maintaining the unique vibe and community of Manhattan Beach, Jeff and Peir Serota have launched the fund with a generous initial donation, reasoning that a more proactive and urgent approach to help their beloved community was needed. “We could not be more excited to provide funds for personal financial obligations of these families so they can direct their attention to opening their businesses and not stress about normal household expenses.”

Individual grant amounts will be targeted to be $5,000-$20,000 in order to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the recipients. The fund is currently over $200,000 and as the program grows with donations, increased grants and possible expansion to other parts of Manhattan Beach is envisioned. The fund was developed with incredible help from the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce and the Manhattan Beach Rotary Club.

LLMB is partnering with one2one USA Foundation, a 501c-3 organization. one2one will administer the grants, including assessing the eligibility of applicants and overseeing the disbursement of the grants. Through the partnership with one2one, the program was able to be launched quickly and efficiently, will ensure that the neediest applicants are prioritized and granted funds, and will provide an independent source to review applications.

LLMB is looking to support local small business owners who are suffering under the mandated COVID-19 lockdown. LLMB will focus on the owners of small, independent, street level, brick-and-mortar, or “mom and pop” shops as they and their families struggle every day to keep their heads above water while faced with the challenge of restarting their business and regaining their livelihoods.


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