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Luis Trenker: Functional & Traditional All In One

BERG by Luis Trenker 2017 autumn/winter collection

The alpine lifestyle label from Bolzano has carved out a niche thanks to the BERG line by LUIS TRENKER, a niche which originates from the needs on and around the mountains. Fashion united with sporty elegance and a smidgen of tradition. Fashion which convinces with design and functionality. Fashion which, on the slopes, leaves a good impression even when going around the city. Fashion uniting technical innovation and traditional nuances.

The sportive and elegant functional fashion of BERG by LUIS TRENKER stands out from the main collection thanks to its own logo and labelling, scoring points with its message: with BERG by LUIS TRENKER the wearer is reliably and functionally equipped during outdoor activities as well as stylishly covered when out and about in the city. What BERG by LUIS TRENKER has in common with the main collection is the attention for traditional values and one’s origins. The most natural of all materials ever, the Loden, is used in different designs: herringbone, uni, and diagonals in various shades of grey. The design and color concept is the same for men and women: it’s a standard, harmonious collection and never jars the eye. The pieces can be combined freely with each other. Bright fresh yellow and sporty red in combination with basic tones such as white, grey, black dominate the collection. The focus is on the strengths of the brand: jackets and mid-layers. Generally speaking, the collection is a bit sportier than the previous seasons.

Fleece is the most diverse element when it comes to the materials used: Pontetorto fleece with printed cable stitch and melange effects as well as honeycomb patterns with backings. The long-sleeve shirts have subdued wintry patterns. The cord is given an extravagant jacquard pattern and implemented using different knitting techniques such as cable stitch and ribs. The cardigans with lovingly crafted details include Loden insets. The polo necks are a key piece especially in the women’s collection.

The ski pants for her and him are made with high-quality softshell. They’re very functional and are available in a slim and comfortable fit.

Of course, even in this season BERG by LUIS TRENKER can count on its experienced partners, including Bluesign, Garmont (shoes), Rockwell Headgear (ski helmets), Loden Steiner, and Sympatex. The accessories perfectly complement the outfits: the ski helmets are yellow, red, and black just as the main colors of the collection. The hats feature a cable stitch. A fashionable highlight are the stitch ties and bowties. The shoes have a Sympatex sole and are authentically fitted with Loden insets with black, yellow, and red contrasts. All used materials and development as well as processing techniques are certified ‘Made in Europe’.





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