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Malta - Why Malta has been trending for 7,000 years!

Malta and its sister islands Gozo and Comino, an archipelago in the Mediterranean, boast a year round sunny climate. In addition to Maltese, English is spoken and it is a safe destination, much less crowded than mainland Europe. From it’s remarkable 7,000 years of history, diverse culinary offerings, and an endless calendar of events and festivals - there is truly something to suit all interests in Malta. Malta is a member of the EU and the currency is Euros.

Luxury for Less: Malta delivers the ultimate recipe for luxury, featuring a diverse range of luxury accommodations from five star properties, luxury boutique hotels, to historic palazzos and farmhouses. Visitors can also enjoy curated experiences from after hour tours of historic sites to chartering a yacht. All this luxury for less in Malta compared to similar accommodations and exclusive tours in mainland Europe.

Valletta: The European Capital Culture 2018, travelers will find themselves engulfed in the rich history and religious attractions that make up this Maltese Capital. Built by the Knights of St. John, the city that is bustling by day and now by night, will transport you back in time with its historic architecture and old world atmosphere. The narrow streets will lead you to historical landmarks, quaint coffee shops and elaborate churches.

Gozo and Comino: A trip to Malta isn’t complete without a visit to Malta’s two sister islands, Gozo and Comino. The more rural island, Gozo, is a perfect change of pace for those looking for authenticity and a more relaxed and quaint stay. The island also comes complete with historical sites, forts and amazing panoramas, as well as one of the archipelago’s best-preserved prehistoric temples, Ġgantija. Situated between Malta and Gozo, is a water lover’s paradise. Home to the most spectacular diving, snorkeling and boating experiences, the car-less island is home to the magnificent Blue Lagoon and the one single hotel on the island offers guests the most tranquil getaway.

The Dive Trail: Coming in as the third best diving destination two years in a row, all three Maltese islands offer unique diving experiences with an abundance of reefs, caves and wrecks; each dive proves itself to be a momentous experience. For the ultimate diving adventure, take on the Dive Trail. Travelers can use this trail map as an underwater guide highlighting the most unique characteristics of Malta from underneath. Discover the Azure Reef, The Blue Hole and Coral Gardens as you swim past shipwrecks while swimming through Malta’s clear blue water.

Religion: With more than 360 churches and chapels scattered across Malta and Gozo, these religious sites form an integral part of the country’s history, landscape and skyline – they are at the heart of Maltese social and cultural life. St. Paul brought the Christian faith to Malta when he shipwrecked in A.D. 60, as his steps can be retraced through the shrines, grottos, catacombs, and more. Jewish travelers will also find a fascinating Jewish history and heritage on the Maltese Islands. Malta is home to religious experiences far beyond the ordinary and is a must-see religious destination.

A Diverse Culinary Experience: Malta offers travelers a diverse culinary experience, from the traditional plate of eclectic Mediterranean food curated by a relationship between the Maltese and the countless civilizations that occupied the island, to the never-ending vineyards delivering the finest wine. Malta has been put on the gourmet cuisine map with five Michelin-starred restaurants and award winning chefs with a total of 31 restaurants listed in the Michelin 2021 guide including 3 Bib Gourmand and 23 Michelin Plates. Not to be missed, the local street foods including the famous Maltese Pastizzi (cheese or pea filled pastries).

Year Long Events/Festivals Calendar: With a year long calendar of events and festivals, there is rarely a dull moment in Malta with a unique, culturally immersive experience always waiting around the corner. With events like the Malta Arts Festival to Classic Car Races and the Rolex Middle Sea Sailing Race, there’s a niche for everyone.

Health and Wellness: The Maltese Islands are the perfect place to take time for your health and wellness, including state of the art, luxury spas. The fresh island air gives travelers the energy to walk or cycle through the beautiful scenery, or embrace some more adventurous activities like rock climbing or paragliding.

Nightlife: Typical of the Mediterranean lifestyle, locals’ approach to life is to enjoy it as much as possible, giving Malta a lively and cheerful nightlife constantly. From clubbing and DJ’s, to classical orchestras, to traditional band music; nights on the Maltese Islands are never dull.

Film Location Tourism: In recent years, Malta has become one of Europe’s most popular film and television locations - dubbed “the Mediterranean’s mini-Hollywood” by the London Times. The Maltese Islands are home to countless blockbusters like Gladiator, Popeye, and The Count of Monte Cristo. Most famously, the city of Mdina was home to the filming of HBO’s Game of Thrones, as the fictional city of King’s Landing.

Weddings & Honeymooning in Malta: With year-round sunshine, crystal waters, and luxurious resorts, Malta offers the perfect backdrop to a wedding or honeymoon. In Maltese culture, marriages are lavish affairs, but whether you’re planning a laidback do for close family or a spectacular affair for 200, any wedding held there will be one to remember. The celebration can take whatever form you wish from a meal or cocktail party to a lavish reception, the old-fashioned way. Large buffet receptions are very much part of the traditional Maltese wedding. As for venues, you can choose from a variety of hotels, baroque palaces with gardens, and converted farmhouses. The Islands have a wide selection of experienced, professional caterers who can offer local fare including dressed tuna to barbecues and mouth-watering buffet and finger food. The ‘Going away’ ritual can be memorable: whether you choose a horse-drawn Karrozzin, a sleek limousine, or even a traditional Dghajsa boat on Grand Harbour.

Looking for an underrated ideal honeymoon destination? Look no further, because Malta is the perfect place for newlyweds to enjoy their first few weeks of bliss. With the wedding over, you then have time to explore the Islands. You’ll never exhaust the possibilities which range from the cosmopolitan side of Malta to the lure of Calypso’s Isle, Gozo, and the solitude of Comino. The capital of Malta was also honored as a European Capital of Culture 2018.


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