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McConaghy Boats - Pushing the Boundaries

Wether it’s building the world’s fastest race boats and blue water cruising yachts or a submarine to explore the Mariana Trench and specialized components for Formula One teams, McConaghy has a proven track record and a name that has become synonymous with excellence.

From foiling monohulls and regatta-winning racers to show-stopping superyachts and luxury multihulls, McConaghy’s portfolio of production ranges and full-custom builds encompasses some of the most iconic designs and cutting-edge constructions. Drawing on over 50 years of yacht building excellence, McConaghy pushes the boundaries in pursuit of the highest quality and performance.

McConaghy was founded by John McConaghy in 1967, and his passion for innovation led to the introduction of novel materials never before used in marine applications. Over 50 years later, now under the charge of CEO Mark Evans, the same passion and attention to detail persists, and McConaghy is now responsible for some of the most impressive composite structures on land or sea. Their world-class reputation as leaders for the construction of advanced composite yachts has been earned through an enviable record of reliability and race success!

McConaghy appreciates the need for a close collaboration between the builder, yacht designer, the composite engineer, materials suppliers, project manager and client. McConaghy have worked successfully with many design teams over the years, including Banuls, Botin, Dubois, Dunning, Elliott, Farr, Frers, Juan Design, Judel Vrolijk, Ker, Lutra, McDougall, Mills, Owen Clarke and Reichel/Pugh.

Most notable of McConaghy’s launches to date, are the 140-foot Adastra – a power trimaran with an incredible 10,000 nautical mile range – and the 108-foot sailing superyacht, Leopard 3. Their builds have received numerous international awards and continue to attract favorable attention in many a marina.

Building superyachts in composite has many advantages, particularly when unusually high loads and complex geometrics are called for. High strength, lightweight, durable and offering exceptional design flexibility, a composite hull is the number one choice and McConaghy has emerged as the predominant builder in this sector.

McConaghy utilizes the latest techniques and machinery for the moulding of prepreg composite structures. The quality of every project undertaken by McConaghy is of the highest importance. From the level of finish to the smaller details of the custom componentry and cabinetry, McConaghy ensure that every boat leaves the shipyard completed to the highest possible standard.

In recent years, whilst still building race boats and smaller custom projects, McConaghy has turned its attention to the multihull market, and now offers a line of cruising catamarans ranging in size from 52ft to 100ft+. The boats each feature clean lines, apartment-style living and overall, an open and modern dynamic that simultaneously enables more comfortable cruising and better performance.

Their composite expertise has also seen McConaghy’s skills engaged for the construction of intricate and complex composite components. As well as a line of yachting accessories such as helm wheels, passerelles and swim ladders, the McConaghy components division constructs an almost limitless array of carbon components for other superyacht shipyards, high performance race boat teams and interior designers worldwide.

With manufacturing facilities in Australia and China, McConaghy deploys its wealth of talent across a number of different divisions, with a strong commercial platform and versatile ability.

Customers of McConaghy benefit from the professional project management skills applied to every project undertaken. McConaghy has a reputation among its many repeat clients as their ‘go-to’ builder; an organization with the skill, experience and tenacity to tackle the most complex challenges and a track record of being able to deliver flawless product on time and on budget, no matter how complex the brief.

McConaghy’s continual innovation and investment in new materials and technologies has allowed them to firmly establish their position at the forefront of progressive, high-performance composite yacht building.

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