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Monaco Yachting - Nautical Influencers

Brooks Atkinson once said, “Land was created to provide a place for boats to visit”.

Monaco Yachting (@monaco_yachting) is an Instagram showcasing original photography that captures the beauty of the world of yachting. Founded in August 2018 by Enzo Berthe and Peregrini Fabien, their two different visions allowed them to create this page which gathers today more than 70,000 yacht lovers.

Their unique story began with Fabien, who has a lifelong passion for photography and Enzo who had the idea of creating a photo blog from the beginning. They are the same age, both born in 1999 and both studying in the luxury hospitality sector.

Monaco Yachting has values that they carry proudly. The values of “sharing”, “excellence” as well as “respect” and “innovation”.

They are proud to share photos and videos taken only by themselves in the unique French Riviera blue waters. Since then, they have evolved at a rhythm of 1 post per day enabling their growth to be constant as well as keeping their community entertained.

Thanks to their involvement and contacts, they have taken part in many events such as the yacht shows in Monaco, Cannes, Barcelona and Paris, attended conferences, created connections with professionals of the industry and met many new friends with whom share their story today.

Also, thanks to their photography skills and the power of social media, they have taken part in several partnerships to create content while enjoying the moment. The idea is to promote a business, a charter or a company.

Monaco Yachting’s instagram account brings together different types of nationalities from around the world with the same interest for the yachting industry.

On the scene of nautical influencers, that they are one of the few to exclusively publish original and very high quality content. Today, Monaco Yachting is very proud of what their project has become, as well as where it has brought them. Monaco Yachting looks forward to expanding their network in the future.

At the same speed of technology, the industry is quickly evolving. Yachts are greener, faster, longer, more innovative. The recent development of the charter market in the superyacht industry inspires Monaco Yachting’s similarities with the luxury hospitality industry. This is one of the ideas that attracts them to the work they do!


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