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Morgan Wallen’s This Bar and Tennessee Kitchen: A Six-Story Music Haven in the Heart of Nashville

Written by Reyne Hirsch

In a groundbreaking announcement that has set the music world abuzz, Morgan Wallen, the chart-topping Tennessee native, is set to open a revolutionary six-story venue in downtown Nashville. “This Bar and Tennessee Kitchen” promises to be a game-changer in the city’s iconic Lower Broadway district, seamlessly blending the best of Wallen’s country roots with a vibrant and unique entertainment experience.

Wallen, revered by The New York Times as “the biggest county stars of the 2020’s and one of the biggest stars in pop, period” has teamed up with Broadway owner and operator, TC Restaurant Group to transform his vision into a reality.  The result? A venue that is not just a bar and restaurant but a living testament to Wallen’s journey, his fans and the music that binds them.

“I sign about finding myself in “this bar”, and now it’s coming to life. This venue will hold true to everything I love and is inspired by my fans and the way they have embraced me and my music.” Wallen expressed.  “We’re designing a menu around some of my family favorites, so it brings a piece of East Tennessee to Music City. I hope This Bar is a place you’ll want to find yourself in and make memories with your friends and family and celebrate the way country music has brought us all together.”

This Bar is not just a business venture for Wallen; it’s an extension of his life story. With each of its six stories, the venue will pay homage to the East Tennessee roots that shaped Wallen’s character.  Visitors can expect to immerse themselves in the artist’s world, with photos and memorabilia from his childhood and highlights from his most memorable performances.

This Bar will occupy approximately 30,000 square feet of prime Nashville real estate. Boasting three live music stages, six bars, and an open-air rooftop, the venue is meticulously designed to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience for patrons.

Wallen, in collaboration with Chef Tomasz Wosiak, VP of Culinary Development for TC Restaurant Group, will curate the culinary offerings. The menu will offer southern delicacies, bar bites, Tennessee favorites and some of Mama Wallen’s recipes.  

Set to open in 2024, This Bar promises not only to reshape Nashville’s entertainment landscape but to also create a legacy for Morgan Wallen and his fans.  Fans can hardly wait to find themselves in “this bar.”


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