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My Father Cigars - A Cigar Making Powerhouse

My Father Cigars owned by the Garcia family, is a cigar making powerhouse, with hundreds of "Class-A rollers" producing great cigars in a beautiful and very-well-structured facility in Estelí, Nicaragua. The original My Father brand, used too as a company name was created by Jaime Garcia to honor his father, Pepin.

Born in Cuba, Jose Pepin Garcia came to Miami and opened small cigar factory called El Rey de los Habanos. His cigars would soon garner numerous high scores within the pages of Cigar Aficionado, and Pepin would eventually expand to Nicaragua with a new and very complete facility, as well as many farms dedicated to tobacco growing, all owned by the Garcia family. There, Pepin, along with son and daughter Jaime and Janny, produce award-winning brands such as Flor de las Antillas and My Father, which have both been named Cigar of the Year. Additionally, the García’s produce a slew of popular brands for other clients, including all Tatuaje Cigars as well San Cristobal and La Aroma de Cuba.

Pepin started as a roller in Cuba, since a very young before emigrating to Miami pursuit his dream. Commercial and critical acclaim for his cigars allowed expansion into Nicaragua. Today, Pepin, Jaime and Janny Garcia lead My Father Cigars, and their factory in Estelí produces millions of cigars a year. Despite rapid growth, the family still takes great care in producing cigars of quality and distinction, which shows in its extensive and very prestigious portfolio.

The Garcia family is responsible for numerous successful cigar brands. Highly respected amongst their peers for their extraordinary talent, hard work and dedication to the art of cigar making. From their humble beginnings in a small factory in Little Havana in 2003 to building one of the most recognized companies in the cigar industry. My Father Cigars has become synonymous with highly rated and well-distinguished brands. Twice reaching the most acclaimed award in the cigar industry with Flor de las Antillas, The Best Cigar of the Year, in 2012 and My Father Le Bijou, The Best Cigar of the Year, in 2015 by Cigar Aficionado.

My Father Cigars has been a key player in the growth and reputation of Nicaragua. As large as the company has become, their cigars are still made with the same boutique-style characteristics today as they were when the company started in Miami in the early 2000s. The first expansion into Nicaragua came in 2006 with the opening of a factory called TACUBA. It was started by Garcia’s father who brought his craft to the U.S. after leaving Cuba in 2001. By 2009, the company expanded further, opening a larger factory in Estelí called My Father Cigars, S.A., and with it a namesake brand. The entire company portfolio is patiently blended by legendary cigar-maker, Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia in Estelí, Nicaragua from the finest, handcrafted premium tobaccos. The Garcia family excels at growing, aging, and fermenting tobaccos in tremendously inventive ways to create a portfolio of My Father brands with depth, diversity, and consistency.


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