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Myzone - MZ-Switch

Did you know the accuracy of your heart rate monitor can be affected by the workout you are doing? While wrist-worn trackers are convenient, they lack the accuracy of chest-worn trackers for certain exercises, and while chest strap trackers are incredibly accurate, they are not always convenient. Myzone has launched the world’s very first heart rate tracker that can be worn on the chest, wrist and arm – maximising convenience, comfort and most importantly, accuracy. Regardless of the activity you’re doing, MZ-Switch provides a complete pathway for accurate monitoring and ensures there are no blind spots in a user’s physical activity measurement.

Offering Medium support, the Myzone sports bra is the world’s first to be able to track your heart rate. Featuring a built-in sensor strap, the Myzone MZ-Switch heart rate tracker can be clipped on which directly measures heart rate and calorie burn with market-leading accuracy. Made of 92% polyamide and 8% elastane, each sports bra is sweat-wicking and draws moisture away from the body which minimizes temperature fluctuations and discomfort by removing humidity and keeping your body dry.


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