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Oil Nut Bay - The Art of Living Well

Dare to Connect

What does it mean to live a life that is full? What does it mean to be well? Ask a hundred people and you’ll receive a hundred answers. Love, money, social status, public recognition? Or is it something more transcendent. Our definition of wellbeing continues to shift and evolve to include a range of ideas. One such notion is connectivity. Meaningful, real-life connections – to each other, to our environment, to our experiences, to ourselves. There are many places, spaces, cultures and communities across the world that cultivate and celebrate this mutual energy, but few with quite as much flair as Oil Nut Bay

A Luxury Launch Pad

On the eastern tip of Virgin Gorda, in the coveted North Sound neighborhood of the British Virgin Islands, lies a place where life is spent in synch with the ocean tides. Where world-class architecture rests against a backdrop of rolling hills, plunging cliffs and white sandy beaches. Spread across 400 exquisitely preserved acres and surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, Oil Nut Bay is a luxury, multi-generational community offering freehold property ownership and vacation villa rental in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Accessible only by water or air, the property can be reached without setting foot on a commercial carrier. Fly privately into one of two nearby international airports, charter either a helicopter or boat directly to the resort’s arrival dock and be transported to your own secluded villa featuring exceptional amenities, abundant and expansive grounds, and a dedicated and sensitive staff. The resort itself boasts a variety of recreational adventures, unique experiences, both fine and informal dining opportunities, and a wide range of health and wellness services and pursuits.

Money, God and Friends

At 29 years of age Oil Nut Bay’s visionary founder, David Victor Johnson, broke his neck and was told he would never walk again. “When you’ve got bolts screwed in your head and you’re paralyzed,” recounts Johnson, “Money, God and friends get put in perspective.” In a matter of months, Johnson was transformed from one of the most prolific single-family home developers in the Midwest to a man with a mission; to create unique generational communities in harmony with nature – one of a kind, one at a time. David and his wife Pam sailed to 13 countries in six years on an epic, Caribbean-wide search for the ideal locale for his 40th development, grand finale and final home. Johnson has always written his own rule book and in doing so set a standard that has paved the way for fellow out-of-the-box thinkers and creators, people committed to organic design, sustainable living, the honest and respectful use of natural materials and their placement in the landscape. His pièce de résistance is Oil Nut Bay and there is absolutely nothing on earth quite like it.

Good Neighbors

One of the many things that sets Oil Nut Bay apart from the rest is its diversity. The entire 400 acres are meticulously divided into 13 distinct neighborhoods, each with their own identity, atmosphere and mood. From the quintessential sandy shores and aquamarine waters of the Beach and Peninsula Neighborhoods to the plunging cliffs of the theatrical south shore where waves thunder beneath your feet and whales cruise by during season. From the stillness of the rolling hills that encompass the Estate Lots where peace, privacy and repose take center stage, to the dynamic Marina Village with its boating bustle, shops, watersports and island-chic lounging and dining. Each community within the community possesses something unique to offer every prospective homeowner and his or her singular vision.

Your Island. Your Canvas.

Oil Nut Bay’s real estate opportunities are as wide-ranging as her terrain. Virgin lots range from $2.95M to $14.9M, size and location dependent, and turn-key custom homes from $3.45M to $39.5M. The resort has its very own dedicated construction company with over a decade of experience working under the guidance of David Johnson. With an intimate understanding of the property’s development process and firmly forged relationships with the finest contractors in the territory, homeowners can sidestep the stressors often associated with building in a foreign country. Choose to use your own dream design or one of Oil Nut Bay’s existing plans, each of which is fully customizable. You may also decide to work with one of Oil Nut Bay’s preferred international architects, interior designers or landscape architects, or select your own team with which to partner. Your island. Your canvas. Your home.

BVI Strong

The British Virgin Islands are a culture-rich archipelago comprised of some 60 islands, cays and rocky outcrops, only 16 of which are inhabited. Each one has its own story, its own mood, its own vital heartbeat. But the BVI is more than just a pretty face. It is an ideal offshore jurisdiction in which to establish a business or private interest. Underpinned by a thriving tourism sector and prosperous offshore financial services center, it features one of the most affluent economies in the Caribbean. With close ties to the US, UK and US Virgin Islands, the fact that the BVI has retained a certain dependency on its formal colonial powers affords it stability with a US-Dollar based economy and no exchange controls. There are also no restrictions on the movement of dollar funds into or out of the country. The BVI has long been referred to as a “tax haven” – a label the BVI government takes pains to avoid lest investors look upon the jurisdiction as a place of tax evasion as opposed to tax avoidance. The BVI is a low-tax jurisdiction offering freedom from income, corporate and personal tax. In addition, there is no withholding tax, sales tax, value added tax, capital gains or transfers tax, estate duty tax, inheritance or succession tax.

Leave a Legacy

Prospective homeowners are now seeking out more remote, responsible locales. Ones that occupy spectacular natural surrounds and foster family, wellbeing and meaningful connections with both humankind and the fragile, exceptionally beautiful planet upon which we live. Oil Nut Bay has such specifics in spades. Why else should you consider an investment? Because you can. Because what better way to live well is there than ensuring those to whom you are connected will live well too.


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