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Summertime Shades: To Keep You Cool

The first Oliver Peoples designs were inspired by an estate collection of vintage American-made eyewear purchased by the founders of the brand in the late 1980’s. The sophisticated aesthetic created by the heritage brand was a departure from the futuristic styles and geometric shapes in bright, brazen colors dominant in the late 80’s. In contrast, the first Oliver Peoples collections were classic, timeless styles in an array of natural tortoise shell hues with discreet branding and subtle details. By defining a new intellectual category, the direction of eyewear changed globally. This vintage aesthetic that inspired the first collections remains at the heart of the brand.


The Translucent Hues of Summer

Zasia is an ultra-feminine, super shallow and upswept lens shape which has quickly become an Oliver Peoples standout star. Zasia emanates a carefree and feminine spirit. This sunglass is offered in new custom colors with vibrant lenses matched from Swarovski crystals. Zasia is as functional as it is beautiful with three pins on the front and temples offering additional strength and durability.


A Necessary Beach Accessory

The Lelaina is a modern interpretation of a vintage cat-eye style with an Oliver Peoples twist. Inspired by the Oliver Peoples Classic M-4, and offers the same recognizable high bridge and filigree metal, which is iconic to the brand. The Lelaina is offered in an array of vibrant colors, mirrored glass lenses, and classic light wash tones. Lelaina is the ideal frame to complete any beach day ensemble.


Ultra-Luxe in Ellice

Offered from Oliver Peoples Summer 2018 Collection, these shades are perfect for day-to-evening wear. A contemporary design made in Japan featuring the quintessential double bridge and vintage inspired adjustable nosepads. The entire frame is constructed of titanium offering a comfortable light weight fit. Featuring highly refined detailing and custom filigree patterns, this sunglass is ultra-luxe.

Boudreau L.A.

An Ode to the 90's

A distinctive bold vintage design introduced for the first time by Oliver Peoples. The Boudreau L.A. is inspired by the style icons of the 90’s and blends vintage styling with modern elements. With its bold aesthetic and demi-flat lenses, the Boudreau L.A. promises to make a statement. This style is the perfect addition to anyone’s summer wardrobe as it’s offered in a rich color palette of translucent hues and a classic tortoise. Boudreau L.A. also features a custom filigree pattern on the corewire which can be seen from the temples.



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