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Parquet Floor – Pros, Cons, Styles & Maintenance

The floor is the heart of every home. It makes a room comfortable and welcoming, serves as a base for furniture and decorations, and hopefully keeps your feet warm. A parquet floor is timeless yet modern and might just be the perfect choice for your house.

What is Parquet Floor?

Parquet is a special type of flooring, made of either wood or bamboo for interior design. The hardwood pieces are sown into smaller pieces, that can be arranged in a variety of patterns and styles.

Unlike other types of flooring, parquet allows for unique and breathtaking designs, that give a room its character. The floor serves as a basis for the rest of the interior and opens up numerous creative possibilities.

The flooring, even though consisting of smaller pieces, seamlessly comes together into a natural and comfortable base. The variety of styles and materials will guarantee a perfect match for everyone, turning a house into an exceptional home with a luxurious feel.

Parquet wood flooring has been a sign of quality and craftsmanship since the late 17th century.

Different Styles of Parquet Floor

The German-based company der-Preisbrecher offers a wide range of high-quality parquet types, for example. As we mentioned earlier, there are lots of different parquet types. You can choose between different wood species, like maple, oak, or walnut, with different colors, and layouts.

Inlaid parquet, herringbone pattern, and basket weave pattern are just a few of the stylish ways you can have your parquet flooring arranged.

Parquet Floor – Pros

Besides the obvious stunning appearance, parquet wood flooring offers many advantages:

  • Durable and long-lasting: Parquet floor is the perfect floor in every home that can last up to 60 years if cared for properly.

  • Keeps your feet warm: Parquet flooring will keep your feet warm all year round. The wood floor can retain heat and keep a comfortable temperature in every season.

  • Noise absorbing: The wood helps to absorb noise and keep the house at a pleasant volume.

  • Easy to maintain: The flooring is very low-maintenance and easy to clean.

  • A piece of nature: There is no better way to bring a piece of nature into your home than wood flooring. It makes a room inviting and cozy and can go perfectly with any type of furniture.

Parquet Floor – Cons

Parquet flooring sounds great, what’s the catch? Like everything else in life, parquet flooring has its disadvantages.

  • Sensitive to wetness: Puddles and spilled water should be cleaned up immediately. If the floor is wet over a longer period, the water can leave stains. That’s why home insurance is a must to protect you from water damage due to weather and other external influences.

  • Some patterns can be elaborate: Complex patterns take more time to lay out and can, therefore, be more costly and time-consuming. But in the end, it is worth it, and you’re left with a fabulous result.

Parquet Floor Maintenance

Parquet flooring is easy to maintain. If you keep a regular schedule of vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping your floor will thank you. With special parquet cleaning products, you can give it a deep clean every now and then.


Parquet wood flooring is a subtle and stylish way to introduce patterns into your home. It gives your house a luxurious feel and can be combined with numerous types of furniture. It is a great approach to bring nature inside and introduce a welcoming and grounding atmosphere into your living space.

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