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Radinn - Find the Future

Make waves with the world’s leading jetboard company Radinn jetboards embody the next-generation of water sports: a fully-electric device that lets riders discover new destinations at incredible speeds with virtually no sound.

These jetboards are the perfect accessory for every kind of maritime maven. They’re easy to store and set-up, and offer a guaranteed good time no matter the rider’s age and athletic ability, or the water conditions. This is ultimate aquatic freedom—the ability to surf off back decks and boat docks, along canals and coastlines, and across bays, inlets, and oceans.

And now, as the first company in the industry to offer a rental-approved, warranty-backed product, more users can access the thrill of a Radinn ride and rental operators can expand their product range.

Here’s everything you need to know about the high-tech, hell-of-a-good-time jetboard that’s completely redefining the future of water recreation, and the Swedish company behind it.

For Everybody + Every Body Of Water

Radinn jetboards are modular, ergonomic, and completely customizable. Riders insert a battery pack into a board of their choice and set their perfor-mance level in the app. With the tap of the thumb throttle they’re off, exploring their local waterways like never before.

The board’s advanced mechanics are concentrated exclusively within the battery, which detach with the turn of a latchkey. All Radinn models fit the same hardware, so riders can own multiple boards without needing to invest in a new battery or jetpack every time they’d like to level up.

In fact, there’s a Radinn ride for everyone, from beginners looking for more stability to seasoned surfers hungry for jumps and tricks. The three models in Radinn’s latest line of jetboards let riders completely customize their surfing experience. Among them are The Freeride, Radinn’s ultimate, all-purpose board, The X-Sport, their most durable board, and The Carve, their most agile, lightweight board.

High Tech Means High Quality

When it comes to the cutting-edge technology of today’s EV industry, Radinn is at the top of the list. They are one of the only watersports companies in the world that employ an advanced IoT platform. This allows for adventure-driven data capture, like seeing where riders have surfed and how fast they went, and full flexibility when it comes to product configuration, like on-the-spot upgrades and performance customizations.

More importantly, it means that the Swedish company can easily provide continuous maintenance updates and perform remote diagnostics on any board from their Malmö HQ. All riders have to do is connect their board to the app after their session, and Radinn will take care of the rest—ensuring that their customers are running the latest product software and alerting them when maintenance is needed.

Radinn’s Chief Digital Officer Dimmi Triantafillidis explains, “The cloud- based technology in the boards gives us endless possibilities. We have created a connected device that riders have full control over, on the water and on the shore.”

Press + Projections

Everyone who tries the Radinn absolutely loves it, and that includes some buzzworthy boarders. When a manager of the rock band Imagine Dragons tried the Radinn jetboard for the first time he was so hooked that he reached out to the band, who ended up using the boards in their latest music video, ‘Sharks.’ The Ocean’s Eleven-inspired narrative culminates in lead vocalist Dan Reynolders cruising on the Radinn across the world-famous Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas.

Beyond the brand’s popularity in the press, the company is scaling at a rapid pace with sales figures that project exponential growth. They’ve grown nearly 300% annually, and with their latest entry into the North American market, those numbers are only expected to go up.

Radinn jetboards are for everyone. From luxury yachters and beachfront bathers to lake lovers deep in cottage country, the market for these top-notch water toys knows no bounds — anywhere there’s water and folks looking to have a great time, there’s a demand for the Radinn.


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