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Ray Vincent Mann - The Art of Living Well

Origin stories in all cultures share one theme in common. “God gave man the ability to create.” This disposition makes the homonym of the species Man and the person Mann, not so different once you know the artist, Ray Mann.

In order to understand the origin story of how Ray became the interior designer and artist he is, we have to date back to April 6th, 1634, when his ancestor William Mann landed on American shores from kent England and set out to build more than a home, he wanted a life. The belief that a creation should be more than a structure, but should support a lifestyle is a truth that still lives in Ray’s blood.

Family was an integral part in setting the foundation for Ray’s keen eye for what makes art timeless. It was at the early age of five, in Trenton NJ, that Ray realized that art didn’t just look nice, but it communicated a feeling. Ray would tirelessly observe his mother and sister constantly hanging antique paintings up around the house. He quickly started to realize that he would have a different feeling depending on the painting. The second thing he observed from his mother and sister was how they would rearrange the home. Again, evoking a feeling but this time based on the way space and shapes were used. Ray applies his knowledge of how color, space, and shapes makes us feel something out of the ordinary.

Ray believes that each person is invaluable, and his art clearly reflects this sentiment. This is why he has such a fresh approach to art and luxury design. Ray believes a mindset reflects a lifestyle, so each piece he custom makes for his clients is catered to a mindset that believes in beauty and is aware of their worth. You see this clearly in his design for The ‘Lux-Art Bath Collection’ Limited. His design captures more than beauty and functionality, but the aesthetic of what peaceful solitude should feel like in the most luxurious way. Each piece is custom made to tailor to his clients requests.

Ray’s authenticity to the artistic truth’s he believes in reflects the integrity in how he chooses the team around him. Ray doesn’t just pick the best marble, he develops relationships with the people in Turkey who pick and hand craft the raw marble from the quarries. His team of artists in Los Angeles share Ray’s philosophies on luxury art, yet challenge him to push the limits of creative expression in each piece.

Ray resides in Los Angeles California. His inspirations consist of Sir Joshua Reynolds, Manet, Van Gogh, Goya, Botticelli . As much as Ray creates art, he feels he most experiences it outside of the studio. Whether it be watching a play, sitting in a blooming garden or listening to Chopin’s Nocturnes op. 32 and contemplating his next piece he feels it all. One of Ray’s life’s philosophies is that you can only give what is inside of you. What Ray gives of himself to each of his clients is the feeling of awe that takes place when color, shape, and space meet to create something called beauty.

Designs for The ‘Lux-Art Bath Collection’ Limited are pre ordered and custom made. Prices range from $430,000.00 to $500,000.00.

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