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Robern: One-Touch Turntable Lighting for Ultimate Personalization

Lighting plays a pivotal and often underappreciated role in bathroom design. Beautiful lighting fixtures can put the finishing touch on a luxurious bathroom, illuminating the space and evoking a sense of spa-like serenity each time you step through the door. 

But the impact of ideal lighting goes far deeper than the stunning first impression. Brightness and color temperature, perfectly in tune with your daily rituals, can transform the bathroom into an elegant personal sanctuary and a haven for wellbeing. 

Tunable lighting is revolutionizing bathroom design with the ability to fine-tune brightness and color tuning throughout the day, syncing with your body’s needs to create a luxuriously functional experience. Soft, cool lighting replicates the sunrise to help you ease into your morning. Bright task lighting energizes your senses and prepares you for the day ahead. A warm glow at night evokes inner calm and sets the tone for rest and rejuvenation. Night lighting gently illuminates the way through the dark for a sense of security. 

Tenor Tunable Lighting combines the versatility of modular vertical lighting with flicker-free LED dimming and industry-leading color tuning technology that elevates every step of the daily routine — illuminating precise tasks like shaving and makeup application, minimizing shadows on the face for a more flattering reflection, and creating a spa-like ambiance when it’s time to unwind.  

Historically, the only way to achieve this level of personalization throughout the day was to install multiple fixtures and accessories — overhead lighting strips, sconces, pendants, makeup mirrors, and plug-in nightlights — with separate controls for each. 

Inspired by a demand from the A&D community for a more streamlined way to achieve optimal lighting in the bathroom, Tenor Tunable Lighting pairs with the innovative SWAY Control to provide unparalleled control over the bathroom lighting environment from a single wall control — ensuring the inner calm and mental clarity that comes from a clean, clutter-free design. 

The SWAY wall control offers easy one-touch dimming, color tuning, and personalized presets, so your desired ambiance is always one touch away. Effortlessly change the atmosphere in the bathroom at the touch of a button, creating luxuriously adaptive lighting schemes that enhance the way the space is used throughout the day. A single SWAY Control can operate up to six Tenor Tunable lights, allowing users to create stunning multi-light designs without the need for multiple wall switches. 

Available in three decorative styles, Tenor Lighting pairs seamlessly with Robern mirrors and medicine cabinets to fit flawlessly in any space. Pair two Tenor lights with a single mirror or medicine for a space-saving solution, or join multiple lights and mirrors to create a statement-making feature wall in a master bathroom. 

Offering dynamic control over color temperature and intensity, Tenor Tunable Lighting with SWAY Control allows designers and homeowners to harness the artistry of light — and ensures that perfect tailored lighting is always at your fingertips.

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