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Russell Dickerson Rocks Like A Rockstar

“Who the hell is Russell Dickerson and where did he come from?!” That’s what the exceptional Russell Dickerson wants people to think of him, and he no doubt will accomplish that, to surpass the typical objectives of platinum, which he has already done twice. Commanding a stage presence and connectivity with fans that is riveting, Dickerson has recently been nominated for the Academy of Country Music’s (ACM) Best New Male Artist Award.

What Russell Dickerson as an artist commands is that which rocks you to your core, and his approach to such is a simple yet powerful strategy. Dickerson writes each and every song for the stage for his performances. For each and every moment that he is going to play for his loyal fans, an explosion, whether a song such as Dickerson’s 2019 Platinum “Blue Tacoma” that literally causes you to drive with the lyrics “...never running out of golden California…” or his latest release “Love You Like I Used To,” which his superstar wife (his words of adoration for Kailey Dickerson), directed the incredible video for.

That special performance that literally rocks a rockstar such as Dickerson to the core? Pouring his heart out during his performance at Madison Square Garden opening for Thomas Rett, which literally brought Russell to tears on stage, connecting with his fans in a way that he seeks to accomplish with every stroke of pen to paper and every chord on stage.


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