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Sintor Trucks - The World's First Supertruck

A legendary company from the start. Sintor was founded from the pursuit of the perfect balance of performance and style in a diesel powered truck. The founders of Sintor have deep roots in the automotive industry and have always felt a void in the luxury truck market. Sintor started as a concept to wow both the truck community and the supercar community. Their mission was to build the world’s first Supertruck.

One of the essential steps in any project is the foundation. The Ford SuperDuty was the ideal platform to build the first Sintor. The 6.7L Powerstroke engine is extremely reliable and has the torque to pull up to 30,000lbs.

A carbon fiber hood scoop and grille complete the aggressive look that everyone desires in a SuperTruck. Why Carbon Fiber? When Carbon Fiber is mixed with the correct epoxy resins, it is many times stronger than metal. Not only is Carbon Fiber stronger than metal and fiberglass, it’s also incredibly light. This is why manufacturers of everything from airplanes to boats are embracing carbon fiber over metal or fiberglass alternatives. We chose this superior fabrication method for all Sintor’s uniquely designed body panels.

An off the shelf kit was not going to cut it for Sintor’s requirements. They teamed up with some of the best in the industry to develop and build our Sintor Suspension system. Working closely with world renowned King shocks, Sintor developed the ideal shock system for on-road handling at freeway speeds and off-road function, all while allowing the owner to tow the family boat or company skid steer to the job site.

One of the weakest links to any truck running bigger tires is the axles. Every Sintor build comes standard with an F450 front axle.

Does size matter? Sintor Trucks have nothing to worry about. 46” Michelin XZL tires come standard on all Sintor builds with 20” rock-ringed wheels. Together with their custom suspension and lift, the truck stands a big 7’ 10” tall. Bigger also means components are beefier and stronger to match.

From concept to your driveway. Nothing is off-limits with a Sintor build. They can build you a showpiece that will match the company colors or make it the ultimate tow rig for your offshore race boat. There has yet to be a customer request that they can’t achieve.


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