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Unique Stylings With Sonoma Forge

Sonoma Forge is known for unique stylings that elevate the simple utility of humble plumbing parts to designer status.

Located in the heart of Northern California’s wine country, Sonoma Forge’s roots are steeped in a rich history of industrial foundries where craftsmen hand forge metals. We celebrate the art of skillful metalworking and machining by highlighting the beauty of metal in our unique line of designer faucets and tub fillers, dramatic shower systems, and coordinated bath accessories.

Our distinctive product line offers homeowners refreshing design options with a decidedly masculine presence supporting the current trends in luxury decor from industrial chic to rustic elegance and enhancing any setting, whether urban loft, country villa, or boutique hotel.

Sonoma Forge’s artistry and attention to detail is supplemented with innovative technology in models offered with Sans Hands, our exclusive sensor faucet technology. Our San Hands configurations show no visible sensors, do not rely upon undependable infrared, and best of all they feature Sonoma Forge's inimitable styles.

All Sonoma Forge products are handcrafted and assembled by artisans dedicated to forging the finest, most extraordinary products on the market. For more information about Sonoma Forge, call 1-800-330-5553 or visit


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