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Sonoma Forge - Telluride Residence In Colorado

While the clients were drawn to the Mountain Modern aesthetic, they also wanted to maintain the warmth and comfort associated with more traditional elements of design. Doors and casings were designed with more classical details, contemporary furnishings selected, but nothing too edgy. As the home is located in a historic neighborhood of town, the architecture needed to maintain a certain ratio of traditional elements to seamlessly fit in w/ the surrounding Victorian structures. This aesthetic balance was carried through into the interiors as well, with the clean lines of certain elements offset by the warmth and texture of natural materials.

The Powder Room followed suit with the rest of the house in focusing on textural materials. While most of the elements in the room are monochromatic stone, they are finished in a variety of textures which allows them to reflect the light differently and distinguishes each shape & material from the others. The wall-mount CiXX Sensor Faucet was selected to minimize the footprint of the fixture, yet adding a simple elegance in the warm, textural Brass finish. The light fixture elevates the design level of the space – and this case amplifying it w/ the reflection of the fixture in the mirror. Off-setting the placement also adds drama, allowing it to become a functional art sculpture.

The Wherever Deck Faucet was selected for its antique style, but the Matte White finish transforms it into a more modern form. A reflection of the theme of the home in juxtaposing past and present.

The Waterbridge Faucet in Black Oil-Rubbed Bronze finish is ideal to provide a bold and sleek contrast to the heavily textured natural bark wall paneling.

The Waterbridge Exposed Shower System becomes a sculptural element in the space, especially with the Matte White finish boldly standing out against the natural tones of wall materials.

About Sonoma Forge

Located in the heart of Northern California’s wine country, Sonoma Forge’s roots are steeped in a rich history of industrial foundries where craftsmen hand forge metals. We celebrate the art of skillful metalworking and machining by highlighting the beauty of metal in our unique line of designer faucets and tub fillers, dramatic shower systems, and coordinated bath accessories. Our distinctive product line offer homeowners refreshing design options with a decidedly masculine sense of style that enhances any setting, whether urban loft, country villa, or boutique hotel.

All Sonoma Forge products are handcrafted and assembled by artisans dedicated to forging the finest, most extraordinary products on the market.

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