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Southern Wind Shipyard - Performance Sailing Yachts

Southern Wind Shipyard yachts are synonymous with contemporary Italian culture and a passion for sailing, combining with traditional South African craftsmanship, performance and comfort.

Southern Wind Shipyard was founded in 1991 by Italian entrepreneur Willy Persico. Located in Cape Town, South Africa, with a production rate of two yachts per year, the shipyard boasts a recognized positioning in the market of semi-custom performance carbon yachts from 24 to 35m, with medium-light displacement. They embody notions of seaworthiness, reliability and durability without compromising on the comfort expected of a luxury cruiser.

Semi-custom design and construction offers the most versatile and cost-effective platform for enjoying bluewater sailing. SWS works with leading design studios and naval architects such as Nauta Design, Farr Yacht Design and Reichel/Pugh Yacht Design to develop and engineer the basic design package. Over the past quarter of a century, these platforms were continuously upgraded and fine-tuned, as well as construction processes, to ensure they remain at the forefront of technology.

Semi-custom does not mean less choice. There is ample room for personalization along the way and although all SWS yachts share a common heritage, no two are the same. In fact, semi-custom for SWS means customizing all that is visible on the yacht while relying on tried-and-tested solutions for the elements that are not.

Research and development play crucial roles in the construction of SWS yachts. Over the past 15 years, the shipyard has gained exceptional experience in the lamination of infused carbon composite sandwich (carbon fibre, Kevlar, epoxy resin and Corecell/Klegecell) in the structural components of its yachts. This composite material results in the best fibre/resin ratio, reducing the weight of the yacht and improving overall quality and strength, if compared to Prepreg. When Nomex core is required for deck constructions, Prepreg is used.

When it comes to furnishings, many of the yacht panels use a lightweight sandwich made up of wood veneer with a honeycomb structure or foam core.

Particular care is taken throughout the whole production process to avoid unnecessary weight: the weight control in the lamination department is extremely accurate as each single piece laminated is

weighted separately and recorded. Actual weight is compared with weight calculation in real time.

At the heart of every SWS yacht is a passion for craftsmanship coupled with quality. The shipyard is entirely self-sufficient in every stage of manufacturing, from lamination and steelwork to carpentry, painting and interior outfitting. Because of the complete control over the construction and installation phases, the shipyard is better able to monitor each step in the process and guarantee an outstanding product. Equally important is Customer Care division. Offering high-quality warranty and after-sales assistance, the team can provide owners around the world with complete peace of mind that their yachts will be maintained and protected to the highest standards for future generations to enjoy.

Sailing is all about having fun, whether owners’ priorities are gentle cruising, superyacht racing or long-range voyaging. Sailors crave the sensation of connection between the sea and sails, the hull and helm, so SWS yachts provide the perfect combination of comfort and handling, seakeeping and performance. SWS builds in carbon fibre because it is light, rigid and strong, which translates into speed, acceleration and excitement. The exact centre of gravity for perfect balance is meticulously calculated. Direct steering is added to feel every twitch and shudder of the hull beneath the helmsman's fingertips.

Bluewater sailing is best enjoyed when it can be done in complete tranquillity. SWS carbon yachts are made to cross the oceans in safety in any weather conditions. Reliability not only enhances customer satisfaction, it also ensures safety at sea, a must for any ocean-going yachtsman. Robust reliability is a by-product of the series methodology which has been perfected based on smart repeatability. The end results speak for themselves: uniquely beautiful and dependable sailing yachts that routinely make a maiden voyage of 7,000 nautical miles from the tip of Africa to the Mediterranean Sea.

A collaboration with Southern Wind Shipyard is always the beginning of a shared adventure: a marriage of the shipyard’s heritage and philosophy with the client’s ambitions and desires. The process of designing and creating something as special as a yacht is an activity that creates a strong bond between people. This creates relationships built on mutual trust and respect, something that is at the heart of the company’s day-to-day work. SWS clients feel that they are part of an extended family, with 30% entrusting the shipyard with the construction of their second or even third yacht.


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