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Spruce Things Up! Elevated Dining Room Trends For 2024

The beginning of the new year brings a range of exciting and fresh design trends to the world of interior design. This year, the dining room finds itself in the spotlight for the return of formal spaces and traditional design elements. 

From upholstered dining chairs and chic curved tables to statement lighting and boosted functionality, turn your dining room into a warm and inviting space to welcome friends and family alike.

Statement Lighting

Many people tend to underestimate the power of proper lighting in their homes. Thankfully, the use of statement lighting has gained tremendous popularity over the years and shows no signs of slowing down. 

In 2024, it is predicted to take over the dining room spaces in our home, creating a stylish and dramatic focal point that instantly elevates the space. From oversized and dramatic chandeliers to custom-made pendants, they will not only provide light but will double as beautiful pieces of art. 

Prioritized Functionality

Functionality and multi-use spaces are becoming top priorities for many homeowners, especially for those who saw their shift to working from home become a permanent feature. This increased flexibility has extended to the dining room. It can be seen in tables with extendable leaves for added seating space, built-in cabinets for extra storage solutions, and multi-purpose chairs. 

By prioritizing functionality when designing the room, you improve its multi-use appeal, ensuring it is a well-used and well-loved space. This is particularly beneficial for smaller homes. 

Upholstery Returns

There was a time when upholstered dining room chairs were a popular staple to any dining room design. However, over the years, people moved away from this seating option for practical reasons, especially for those with kids or pets, as the maintenance involved in keeping them clean became an unwanted burden. 

However, the world of fabrics has grown substantially over the years, offering more accessible materials. The boosted performance of these fabrics means more and more people are turning back to the traditional stylish option, including bright and fun patterns and colors in their set-up. 

Scandi Tableware

Scandi tableware has an understated style and a versatile nature that is hard to beat. This Scandinavian-inspired homeware and decor remains a popular choice year after year, as their high-quality build and design perfectly combine favorable textures and natural materials. 

Linen tablecloths and napkins, cutlery in classic and traditional designs, simple crockery, and a neutral color scheme of just one or two primary shades offer a minimalist dining scheme that is effortlessly stylish. 

Vibrant Paint Colors

2024 will see a turn away from the standard and somewhat dull white walls, turning the attention onto bold and vibrant paint selections to bring a new lease of life to the room. Stunning jewel tones and rich, moody color palettes are leading the way, bringing heaps of drama and sophistication to your home. 

Deep blues, emerald greens, and berry tones will transform the room into a cozy and intimate space, providing the ideal environment to host elegant dinner parties all year round. 


Say goodbye to smooth surfaces and welcome the world of textured finishes in 2024. Tactile surfaces are a popular design feature in kitchens, and for open-plan kitchen diners, reeded patterns will be a popular choice.

Mix this design detail with additional neutral decor and color choices for a softer feel, or pair it with dark and dramatic shades to make a bold statement.  

Banquette Seating

Banquette seating, or bench seating, has long been a common and popular kitchen feature, creating a small area to enjoy a meal with your family. In 2024, this clever addition will make its way to the dining room, offering a functional, space-saving, and comfortable seating solution with added creative flexibility. 

Finish your beautiful seating nook with two or three added dining chairs to extend your seating options further. Outside of meal times, it can double as a comfortable place to sit at for work or studying, further increasing its versatility. 

Wall Treatments

Wall treatments are a general term used to refer to wallpaper, wall paneling, 3D textured treatments, crown molding, stone features, and more. And in 2024, these design features are set to receive a renewed boost in popularity, according to many interior design experts. 

One big reason they have gained popularity is their incredibly versatile and diverse nature, making them well-suited for nearly any design style. Furthermore, they instantly add a layer of interest and depth to the room without taking up extra space. Bold colors, natural tones, and floral patterns lead the way. 

Curve Appeal

In 2024, curved furniture will continue to have its moment in the limelight in the world of interior design. Dining chairs with a curved back and padded seating instantly add a comfortable, cozy, and sophisticated feel to the room that is understated and chic. 

Furthermore, dining tables with a curved or circular base can double as sculptured statement elements that draw the eye the moment you enter the room. Additionally, a curved base, as opposed to a curved top, allows you to embrace this trend without compromising on functionality. 

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